after-13-years,-amnesia:-the-dark-descent-got-steam-workshop-support-out-of-nowhere PC Gamer

After 13 years, Amnesia: The Dark Descent got Steam Workshop support out of nowhere

In a surprise move, Frictional Games has introduced Steam Workshop support for its foundational horror game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The change came four days before the launch of the latest game in the series, The Bunker, and brings The Dark Descent more in line with later games from Frictional like Soma and Amnesia: Rebirth.”We are well aware (and in awe) of the countless mods and custom stories made throughout the years,” Frictional wrote in its announcement. “And now we’ve finally ensured you can publish and install them smoothly via Steam.”Frictional has historically been friendly to modding already, making level…

restored-content-dlc-for-star-wars:-knights-of-the-old-republic-2-–-the-sith-lords-gets-canceled VG247

Restored Content DLC for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords gets canceled

Switch users who own Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords will be interested to know that the promised DLC, Restored Content, will not be released. This is according to Aspyr Media, which confirmed on Twitter the team behind the game would not be “moving forward” with the DLC’s development. A reason for the cancellation was not provided by the company. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords for Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer To make up for the DLC being canceled, Aspyr is offering a free game key of your choice…

blaseball-is-closing-down-and-some-staff-are-being-laid-off Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Blaseball is closing down and some staff are being laid off

Blaseball, the supernatural baseball browser-based betting league that became a brief social phenomena in 2020, is closing down. Its developers The Game Band announced the news yesterday, writing that the cost of running the game, “literally and metaphorically, is too high.” An undisclosed number of staff are also being laid off. Read more

ea-is-doing-some-vague-nonsense-on-nike’s-nft-platform PC Gamer

EA is doing some vague nonsense on Nike’s NFT platform

Nike, never one to pass up a cynical corporate cash-in, obviously made its own “web3” platform last year, debuting the .Swoosh “digital community experience” in November and selling a bunch of boxes of randomized virtual shoes in its beta period. “Build your collection,” it advertises, “Display, trade, or wear your Nike Virtual Creations in video games and immersive experiences.”Now one of gaming’s very own cynical corporate cash-grabbers, Electronic Arts, is getting in on the “immersive experiences” to do something vague involving its games and Nike’s blockchain-powered .Swoosh platform. “In future EA Sports titles, EA Sports and Nike plan to make select…

raspberry-pi-camera-uses-sound-to-create-photos-with-ai Toms Hardware

Raspberry Pi Camera Uses Sound to Create Photos with AI

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but could a thousand words be worth a picture? Maker and developer Diego Trujillo Pisanty sought to find out with his Raspberry Pi-powered blind camera project. Instead of using a lens to capture light to make a picture, it listens for sound and constructs an approximation of what could be around it based on the audio detected.The device works similarly to a regular camera in that you aim the camera at what you want to capture and press a button to generate an image. In this case, however, it has a…

final-fantasy-7-rebirth-development-advancing-smoothly,-staying-true-to-the-plan VG247

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth development advancing smoothly, staying true to the plan

On track and flourishing. Square Enix has provided a short update on the development of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. According to Square, development is “progressing smoothly and according to plan.” The firm is also working on nailing down a release date, per a statement from producer Yoshinori Kitase. Rebirth is the follow-up to 2020’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the second in a planned trilogy of games remaking the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy 7. It is currently scheduled for a late 2023 or early 2024 release on PS5. Set in the dystopian metropolis of Midgar, you control mercenary Cloud…

wd-black-1tb-sn850x-drops-to-just-$77-at-amazon Toms Hardware

WD Black 1TB SN850X Drops to Just $77 at Amazon

Today at Amazon, users can find Western Digital’s WD Black 1TB SN850X for its lowest price to date. It’s been going for around $100 lately but right now it’s discounted to just $77 which takes the price down to about 8 cents per GB. This is a notably fast SSD suitable for everyday use and as well as gaming.We reviewed the WD Black SN850X when it launched mid of last year and recognized it as one of the fastest SSDs on the market for gaming. Overall, it has exceptional performance. Our biggest con was the price — given today’s discount,…

how-to-crop-and-zoom-in-obs Toms Hardware

How To Crop and Zoom in OBS

OBS (Open Broadcaster System) is a remarkably powerful tool. With OBS we can record videos, using various scenes and sources to create broadcast quality shows, for free! OBS can also be used to livestream via many different services, and using a few plugins you can also interact with your community.Recently I had a need to record video from a 4K USB video capture device. The video source was the latest LattePanda Sigma SBC, which I was testing using Steam for a review. Steam’s built-in FPS counter was a little small (yes I could install another FPS counter, but that would…

more-pixels,-more-level Toms Hardware

Anycubic Photon Mono M5s Review: More Pixels, More Level

Today’s best Anycubic Photon Mono M5s dealsNo price informationCheck AmazonWe check over 250 million products every day for the best pricesAnycubic’s newest Photon Mono M5s is a smarter, faster, medium format resin 3D printer bursting with 12K worth of pixels. Yes, that’s a whopping 11,530 pixels on the X axis. Anycubic is also saying it’s three times faster than ordinary printers, capable of reaching a print speed of 105 mm/hour. During testing, the machine printed a 3.5 inch tall figure in under an hour.It’s the first auto leveling resin printer we’ve seen, and it uses a combination of sensors and…

amd’s-epyc-rome-chips-crash-after-1,044-days-of-uptime Toms Hardware

AMD’s EPYC Rome Chips Crash After 1,044 Days of Uptime

AMD’s latest processor revision guide for the EPYC 7002 ‘Rome’ server chips reveals an interesting new bug (errata) that can cause a core on the chip to hang after 1,044 days of uptime (~2.93 years), meaning you’ll have to reset the server for the chip to run correctly. AMD says it will not fix the issue. AMD’s description of the issue, which impacts its second-gen EPYC processors (AMD’s fourth-gen Genoa chips are the newest), is succinct, but there’s a lot to unpack.(Image credit: AMD)The issue stems from the core failing to exit the CC6 sleep state, but AMD says the…

today’s-wordle-hint-and-answer-#714:-saturday,-june-3 PC Gamer

Today’s Wordle hint and answer #714: Saturday, June 3

Save your Wordle win streak with today’s hint, designed to give you a prod in the right direction without giving the game away. Prefer to skip straight to your latest victory, or are you too close to the bottom to risk a bad guess? Don’t worry—the answer to the June 3 (714) Wordle is ready and waiting just below.A huge wave of relief washed over me when I finally found today’s solution: after a string of puzzling non-starters and one rather odd green, I had almost given up hope of finishing today’s Wordle with a win. Today’s Wordle hint(Image credit: Josh…

beloved-twitch-streamer-puppers-dies-at-32 PC Gamer

Beloved Twitch streamer Puppers dies at 32

“Forever in our hearts, eternally comfy,” reads a memorial tweet for Puppers, also known as Max, a popular Dead by Daylight streamer who died this week at age 32. In 2020, Max was diagnosed with terminal ALS, an incurable nervous system disease.The tweet, which references Max’s warm appeals to “stay comfy,” came from Light in the Fog, a Dead by Daylight fundraiser tournament series that collected $270,000 for his treatment in 2021 and 2022. The events were organized by Sunshine, Eshleee, and Silver, three long-distance friends who relocated to help care for Max following his diagnosis.”Being his caregiver as he…

diablo-4-high-resolution-assets:-should-you-install-them? PC Gamer

Diablo 4 high resolution assets: should you install them?

Long before you make a decision between necromancer and sorcerer you’ll need to make a choice about Diablo 4’s high resolution assets. Should you install them or not?The first thing you’ll notice when you’re faced with the choice is the amount of storage required for the high resolution assets—as well as the time it will take to download them. Without the high- res assets you’re looking at about a 45GB download for Diablo 4, but with the high-res assets the size is just about doubled to around 90GB.That alone might be enough to help you decide, depending on how fast…

assassin’s-creed-nexus,-bulletstorm,-vampire:-the-masquerade-–-justice,-more-coming-to-vr-headsets VG247

Assassin’s Creed Nexus, Bulletstorm, Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice, more coming to VR headsets

Some popular franchises heading to a headset near you. Various new VR titles have been announced, and each franchise should be familiar to you. These titles are Assassin’s Creed Nexus, Bulletstorm, The 7th Guest, Vampire: The Masquarade – Justice, and PowerWash Simulator. Meta Quest Gaming Showcase Many of the games were announced yesterday alongside the new Meta Quest 3 VR headset from the company formerly known as Facebook. The new headset will set you back $500/£500 for the 128GB version, which is higher than the current Quest 2, but the latter will drop another $100/£100 next week on June 4…

praise-the-king-of-all-cosmos,-the-best-katamari-damacy-game-is-now-on-pc PC Gamer

Praise the King of All Cosmos, the best Katamari Damacy game is now on PC

Katamari Damacy is a difficult game to describe—it’s about rolling a ball around strangely earthly playgrounds to collect up a random and expanding assortment of stuff, starting with thumbtacks and paperclips and working your way up to crabs and buckets and cars and houses and entire skyscrapers. But it’s also about, like, love and joy and consumerism and maybe innocence? If there is one thing Katamari Damacy is definitely not, it’s subtle, which is why I was completely caught off guard by We Love Katamari Reroll+ Royal Reverie’s release on Steam on June 1.Bandai Namco sure wasn’t hyping this one…

asrock-goes-ampere:-up-to-128-arm-cores-in-deep-microatx Toms Hardware

ASRock Goes Ampere: Up to 128 Arm Cores in Deep MicroATX

ASRock Rack has showcased its first motherboard for Ampere’s Altra and Altra Max processors marking its entrance into the Arm-based servers business. The company’s ALTRAD8UD-1L2T demonstrated at Computex can be used to build miniature servers or workstations featuring up to 128 Armv8 cores and datacenter-grade expandability and manageability. ASRock Rack’s ALTRAD8UD-1L2T fully supports Ampere’s Altra and Altra Max CPUs with 32 – 128 cores that can be paired with up to 2TB of memory using eight DDR4-3200 modules. In addition, the motherboard takes advantage of rather abundant I/O capabilities that Ampere’s 1st Generation Altra Max datacenter SoCs have, including 128 PCIe Gen4…

ram-benchmark-hierarchy:-ddr5,-ddr4-for-amd,-intel-cpus Toms Hardware

RAM Benchmark Hierarchy: DDR5, DDR4 for AMD, Intel CPUs

Consumers often overlook RAM (Random Access Memory), but our RAM benchmark hierarchy will help you find the fastest DDR5 and DDR4 memory kit for your system. Memory is one of the most critical hardware of any system. The right or the wrong memory kit significantly impacts your system’s overall performance in gaming, productivity, and (if you don’t have enough of it) general sluggishness. Of course, you can always reference our Best RAM list to find the best deals on memory.Companies regularly release new memory kits with different speeds, timings, capacities, and ranks, making sifting through seemingly endless models surprisingly time-consuming….

best-ram-for-gaming:-ddr4,-ddr5-kits-for-2023 Toms Hardware

Best RAM for Gaming: DDR4, DDR5 Kits for 2023

Whether you’re building a new PC or upgrading an existing system that was once one of the best gaming PCs but now struggles to tackle today’s games, the best RAM kit for your money depends on the platform you pick and the workloads you plan to run.The hard part is evaluating whether faster memory affects your system. For example, if you’re running an Intel system with one of the best graphics cards, most programs won’t respond meaningfully to faster or slower system memory. On the other hand, some workloads will scale well with higher data rates, including some games and…

pathfinder’s-ambitious-diablo-4-competitor-launches-its-kickstarter-campaign PC Gamer

Pathfinder’s ambitious Diablo 4 competitor launches its Kickstarter campaign

Tabletop RPG Pathfinder has already spawned a series of successful CRPGs, in the form of Pathfinder: Kingmaker and its sequel Wrath of the Righteous. But the latest game based on the Pathfinder ruleset is an ARPG that points its weapons squarely at Diablo, and the Kickstarter campaign for this bold fantasy upstart has just launched.The full title is Pathfinder: Abomination Vaults, and the Kickstarter page describes it as a “Co-op Hack and Slash game based on the epic Adventure Path of the same name, in which up to four players lead iconic Pathfinder heroes into the farthest depths of Gauntlight…

these-are-your-25-favourite-space-games-of-all-time Rock,Paper,Shotgun

These are your 25 favourite space games of all time

Earlier this month, we asked you to vote for your favourite space games of all time, and man alive did you lot come out swinging for this. Hundreds and hundreds of votes have been beamed in over the last few weeks, resulting in an overwhelming favourite that was (no word of a lie) several thousand points ahead of its nearest rival. Not hundreds. Thousands. When you see it, you’ll probably go, ‘Of course, of course that’s number one!’ but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Come and find out what other games made the cut as we count down your…