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PSA: Seriously, Don’t Miss The Final Night Of Games Done Quick

For the past week, Games Done Quick has held its annual speedrunning festival. As always, the event has been awesome, full of some truly mind-blowing feats, including an exploit-packed run through Halo Infinite’s open-world-ish campaign. But organizers appear to have saved the best for last, with a truly stacked lineup slated for tomorrow, the event’s final night.

livestream-of-boulder-mass-shooting-raises-questions-about-what-youtube-and-twitch-should-allow Twitch

Livestream Of Boulder Mass Shooting Raises Questions About What YouTube And Twitch Should Allow

Yesterday, a shooter opened fire at the King Soopers store in Boulder, Colorado and killed 10 people. Not long after the attack, a streamer, Dean Schiller, arrived on the scene and broadcast to an audience that topped out at nearly 30,000 concurrent viewers. The resulting video has been viewed over 650,000 times. Despite the visible presence of bodies, YouTube has decided against taking it down. Twitch, however, has said it will remove any such footage.