rainbow-six-streamers-swear-more-than-any-other-type-of-content-creator,-study-finds ESports News UK

Rainbow Six streamers swear more than any other type of content creator, study finds

Holy ****, it’s official, Rainbow Six Siege streamers and YouTubers swear more than content creators in other games. According to a new study, they swear almost ten times every ****ing minute, or almost 600 times per hour. FIFA streamers were in second place with 552 expletives per hour, and CoD: Warzone streamers were close behind, with 484 swearwords per hour. Halo, GTA V, CSGO, Fortnite and Apex Legends content creators followed in the list. Continue reading Rainbow Six streamers swear more than any other type of content creator, study finds

twitch-takes-traffic-hit-following-streamer-boycott-over-harassment Twitch

Twitch Takes Traffic Hit Following Streamer Boycott Over Harassment

Yesterday, thousands of streamers abandoned Twitch for 24 hours in protest of its ongoing facilitation of harassment campaigns known as hate raids. While the Amazon-owned streaming platform has yet to implement proposed changes to the controversial raid system, it’s clear what some previously dismissed as a small movement has had a big impact, potentially costing Twitch roughly 22% of its peak concurrent traffic for the day.

dr-disrespect-says-he’s-suing-twitch Twitch

Dr Disrespect Says He’s Suing Twitch

Like hearing that a celebrity you don’t care about has died, it’s impossible not to want to know why game streamer Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch. Sure, you might wish he would just go away, yet still…what if it’s really awful? Well, we may well soon find out as the streamer has apparently learned the reason. And he intends to sue Twitch over it.

uk-youtubers-to-compete-in-clash-of-creators-football-charity-match-raising-money-for-mind ESports News UK

UK YouTubers to compete in Clash of Creators football charity match raising money for MIND

Online stars WroeToShaw, Morgz, JaackMaate, ImAlexx, Spencer Owen (pictured left), Sharky (right) and more are raising money for the MIND mental health charity. Many of the YouTubers taking part in the Clash of Creators Football Match are from the UK. Clash of Creators is a charity football match featuring some of the most well-known online influencers in the UK, plus a selection of up-and-coming creators. It will take place on July 25th at Aveley Football Ground from 12pm to 6pm. Continue reading UK YouTubers to compete in Clash of Creators football charity match raising money for MIND

scam-the-kids:-the-‘save-the-kids’-crypto-scandal-involving-several-uk-youtubers-is-a-painful-reminder-of-the-volatility-of-cryptocurrency-and-the-dangers-of-trusting-influencers-–-opinion ESports News UK

Scam the Kids: The ‘Save the Kids’ crypto scandal involving several UK YouTubers is a painful reminder of the volatility of cryptocurrency and the dangers of trusting influencers – opinion

Let’s not be so quick to forgive and forget our favourite influencers fibs or fraudulent behaviour, argues Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco in this opinion piece about the recent ‘Save the Kids’ cryptocurrency scandal I want to be shocked by this story, to think of it as surely a one-off which we’ll all learn from, an anomaly never to be repeated again. But the sad truth is it doesn’t surprise me one bit, and I know something like it will happen again, and again. Continue reading Scam the Kids: The ‘Save the Kids’ crypto scandal involving several UK YouTubers…

the-most-viewed-twitch-hot-tub-stream-yet-is-also-the-most-cursed Twitch

The Most Viewed Twitch Hot Tub Stream Yet Is Also The Most Cursed

At this point, there are more parody hot tub streams on Twitch than actual hot tub streams—so much so that one now holds the distinction of being the most viewed hot tub stream of all time. Credit where credit’s due, though: Minecraft megastar George “GeorgeNotFound’’ Davidson at least went out of his way to make his take on tub boy summer as viscerally upsetting as possible.

top-streamers-lose-millions-of-followers-after-twitch-cracks-down-on-viewbots Twitch

Top Streamers Lose Millions Of Followers After Twitch Cracks Down On Viewbots

It’s no secret that Twitch has a problem with viewbots, which are fake viewers that artificially inflate streamers’ numbers. They’ve been part of the ecosystem for years, both as a means of making streamers look more popular than they are and, more recently, a tool trolls use maliciously to try to bring Twitch’s punitive wrath down on streamers they don’t like. Twitch, for its part, only acknowledged the issue sporadically. Until this week.

twitch-will-now-take-action-against-threats,-violence,-and-sexual-assault-on-other-platforms Twitch

Twitch Will Now Take Action Against Threats, Violence, And Sexual Assault On Other Platforms

Many Twitch streamers have YouTube channels, and vice versa. They also have Twitter pages, Instagrams, TikToks, SnapChats, and basically every other kind of account under the sun. For years, Twitch has taken activity on other platforms into account when deciding to suspend or ban streamers, albeit inconsistently—and typically only when an infraction had also happened on Twitch or to another Twitch streamer. Now it’s trying to turn off-platform activity into a cornerstone of its moderation approach, partnering with a third-party law firm to investigate off-platform threats, sexual assault, and other forms of harassment and violence.