torchlight-infinite’s-open-beta-is-heading-to-pc-in-october Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Torchlight Infinite’s open beta is heading to PC in October

Free-to-play action RPG Torchlight Infinite is going into open beta on PC in October alongside iOS and Google Play, a spokesperson for the developers XD has told RPS. XD unveiled more of the game’s PC version over the weekend, but at the time it was unclear when it would launching. Now we know it will be cross-play across PC and mobile this autumn. Check out some footage of Torchlight Infinite’s bosses in the trailer below. Read more

sands-of-salzaar-review:-a-sparkling,-but-occasionally-muddy-action-rpg-gem Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sands Of Salzaar review: a sparkling, but occasionally muddy action RPG gem

It’s probably more trouble than it’s worth to sidestep around comparisons to Mount & Blade with Sands Of Salzaar. It’s mostly the structure. Sands Of Salzaar drops you into a world of dynamically warring factions. You can join or compete with them by founding your own, or ignore them to beat up roving bandits, clear out combined dungeon/random encounter sites, and do odd jobs for named NPCs. Some of those figures are powerful, unkillable, and recruitable, although you may have to win them over with favours or gifts. You’ll likely do a bit of everything, but mostly you’ll be smashing…