Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

wo-long-fallen-dynasty-is-a-souls-like-that-gives-you-a-helping-hand VG247

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a Souls-like that gives you a helping hand

Dark Souls too lonely? Elden Ring too daunting? Game Pass has got your back. Kinda. ^Check out our preview video of Wo Long, coming to Game Pass soon! Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is headed to Xbox Game Pass (inc. for PC) on March 3rd, and for our money it’s shaping up rather nicely. Borrowing its lore from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, it shares a few common elements with Dynasty Warriors, but with a vastly different, dark fantasy twist to proceedings. It’s also a Souls-like, so players can expect a bleak atmosphere and punishing combat, but again with…

xbox-game-pass-is-already-looking-unbeatable-in-2023 VG247

Xbox Game Pass is already looking unbeatable in 2023

As Xbox Game Pass goes from strength to strength, Sony really needs to up its game with PS Plus’ tiers. Starfield. Redfall. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Minecraft Legends. Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, Monster Hunter Rise, Lies of P, Routine, Hollow Knight: Silksong, Atomic Heart, Warhammer 40K: Darktide, Ark 2, Flintlock, Guilty Gear Strive, Valheim on console, GoldenEye 007. And many, many more. Are you going to buy any games in 2023? Or are you just going to boot up the Xbox Game Pass tab every time you sign onto your console and have a little browse? Because I…

why-big-pigs-are-the-best-kind-of-boss-fight Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Why BIG PIGs are the best kind of boss fight

What’s the mark of a great boss? Cool moves, I suppose. Cool armour. A cool demeanour as you enter their arena. Having previewed both Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Wild Hearts, I’ve come to discover that the mark of a great boss is one of these things, none of the rest, and 500 pounds of ham. BIG PIGs are in, and they are here to do a high-pitched squeal and charge to the top of the “Trending Bosses” list. Read more