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Baldur’s Gate 3’s tabletop RPG prequel is cheap for Prime Day

I’m told today is Prime Day, which I can only imagine is a day wizards travel from far and wide to pay tribute to the Prime Sorcerer. Among them are Wizards Of The Coast, who come to the court of Mammon with [cms-block] deals on tabletop RPGs and Magic cards. But wait, as if by magic, these are connected to video games! You’ll find Descent Into Avernus, the Dungeons & Dragons campaign which serves as a prequel to Baldur’s Gate 3, as well as some Magic cardboard decks that are also Magic: The Gathering Arena digital decks. (more…)

dungeons-and-dragons-fans-call-for-a-removal-of-the-term-“race”-from-the-game VG247

Dungeons and Dragons fans call for a removal of the term “race” from the game

Dungeons and Dragons could be doing away with the term “race” in character creation, and fans are suggesting plenty of better alternatives. Back in June, Dungeons and Dragons principal rules designer Jeremy Crawford responded to a query about a yet-to-be-announced Dungeons and Dragons product – however, the tweets recently resurfaced on ResetEra, where players are having a lengthy conversation about ways to redesign the game in a fairer and more thoughtful way.You can check out the original tweet below, which is the first piece of evidence suggesting that Dungeons and Dragons might be removing the word “race” from character generation….