Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

the-invincible-will-ask-much-of-the-audience,-but-the-rewards-could-be-well-worth-it VG247

The Invincible will ask much of the audience, but the rewards could be well worth it

Adapting a landmark work of speculative fiction for the Fortnite age is as risky as space exploration itself. ^Stay tuned for 1080p gameplay and expanded impressions through your vidscreen: it’s futuristic! Headed up by Starward Industries, which is a super-group of devs who can list such esteemed projects as The Witcher 3, Dying Light, and Call of Juarez on their collective CV, The Invincible is an adventure game based on an acclaimed genre work by a celebrated Polish author which I haven’t read and neither have you. That’s where its similarities with The Witcher games start and end. The Invincible…