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unpacking-review:-the-exact-same-joy-as-unwrapping-a-kinder-egg-and-building-the-toy-inside Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Unpacking review: the exact same joy as unwrapping a kinder egg and building the toy inside

It is a truth universally acknowledged (like the status of single men in possession of large fortunes viz. wanting wives) that moving house is one of the worst things to undertake in adult life. And you have to undertake it several times! The packing, the unpacking, the stuffing of old newspaper in gaps between fragile plates: it’s all hell. And comes with the creeping realisation that your life has as much meaning as can be physically stuffed into a few cardboard boxes. An extra special high-five, then, to Unpacking, which not only makes this stressful event a delightful puzzle, but…

unpacking-wants-to-make-moving-house-as-chill-as-possible Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Unpacking wants to make moving house as chill as possible

Moving house is a nightmare. From dealing with landlords to hauling your junk halfway across the country, it’s more stressful than anything the world of videogames could throw at you. Fortunately, upcoming chill puzzler Unpacking skips all that for the good part of settling into new digs – the moment where you finally get to spill boxes all over the floor and start turning a sterile showroom into a messy, intimate home. (more…)