microsoft-considered-also-dropping-its-revenue-cut-to-12%-on-xbox,-according-to-legal-documents VG247

Microsoft considered also dropping its revenue cut to 12% on Xbox, according to legal documents

By Sherif Saed 3 May 2021 13:20 GMT We may yet see Microsoft lower its cut of Xbox digital sales.On Thursday, Microsoft announced a big change for PC games sold on the Windows Store. Starting August 1, Microsoft will only be taking a 12% cut from PC game sales on its store, a drop from 30%, leaving 88% for developers.Watch on YouTubeThe 88/12 split is one that’s been gaining more and more traction in the industry recently, with many developers now openly calling the 30% cut unjustified. Epic Games, of course, fired the first shot when it made 88/12 the…

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The GOG ‘We Love Games’ sale is now live

By Grace Curtis, Friday, 12 February 2021 16:50 GMT GOG are celebrating Valentine’s day with a romantically infused ‘Games We Love’ sale, which includes their biggest ever discount on the Witcher 3. The iconic slash n’ cast RPG is down 80% to just $9.99 for the Game of the Year edition. Cyberpunk 2077 is also down a tidy 10% to $53.99. If you’ve ever wanted to sample the meatiest games in CD Projekt’s catalogue, now’s your chance. Mixed in with the regular titles is an interesting little curio: the Commander Keen Complete Pack. Commander Keen is a classic id Software series that…