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wytchwood-review:-a-dark-fairytale-to-do-list-you’ll-fall-in-love-with Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Wytchwood review: a dark fairytale to-do list you’ll fall in love with

I am not great at keeping my mind palace organised. I don’t even have a mind palace. If my mind were any kind of structure it would be a Lego creative box of randomly mixed bricks. Thus, like an advanced robot, I store my memory outside my body in the form of daily to-do lists that I write up every morning. Wytchwood is a to-do list game, with each item cascading into a sub-list of more things to be ticked off. The difference is, in real life, my daily to-do list only includes ‘make shiny lure to catch an elf…

magical-cat-cafe-simulation-calico-is-out-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Magical cat cafe simulation Calico is out now

Cat cafe simulation Calico has come out of the oven right on time. I was starting to fear that it would roll over into the new year without hitting its expected 2020 release window. Never fear though, Calico has scooted out here in the last weeks of the year, so you can jump in to decorate cakes, collect animal friends, and assemble your cafe right now. (more…)

bathhouse-management-in-onsen-master-is-fun,-but-needs-more-radish-demons Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Bathhouse management in Onsen Master is fun, but needs more radish demons

Featured as part of the Game Devs of Color Expo and its Gradient Convergence showcase on Steam, Onsen Master’s Ghibli aesthetics caught my eye immediately. It’s a “hot spring customer management” game where you ditch the whole ‘service with a smile’ schtick and drag your customers with speed and aggression into hot spring baths you’ve prepared especially for them. Other duties include making sure they’re cleaned between uses, that you’ve mixed the right ingredients, and you’re keeping spillages to a minimum. It’s a tough gig! And the more I ran my onsen in the demo build, the more I felt…