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gotham-knights-answers-the-question-“would-batman-games-be-as-good-without-batman?”-with:-“no” VG247

Gotham Knights answers the question “Would Batman games be as good without Batman?” with: “No”

A circus of Robins can’t fill the Bat-boots. ^Stay tuned after the ads for our big review chat, featuring loads of lovely footage from every version of the game. Aside from its performance issues, which are annoying but potentially fixable and hardly a dealbreaker, Gotham Knights’ biggest sin is that it just doesn’t do anything particularly exciting. And for a game which boldly kills the Batman in the first two minutes, that’s pretty astonishing. It’s not all bad: there are some nice ideas dotted around. Occupying The Belfry between missions gives the game a nice overall pace, allowing you to…

gotham-knights-spoilers-appear-to-be-cropping-up-online-after-artbook-releases-early VG247

Gotham Knights spoilers appear to be cropping up online after artbook releases early

Prospective Gotham Knights fans beware: spoilers have cropped up online, ahead of the game’s release later this month. Be careful if you spot anything about Gotham Knights online, as there’s a chance it could be a major plot spoiler. This has apparently come from an early release of the game’s artbook (thanks, Eurogamer), which is obviously unfortunate for those who might have already seen spoilers. This in turn has led to Gotham Knights’ executive producer Fleur Marty to express frustration at sharing spoilers. “I can’t begin to understand why would anyone spoil a story (whether it’s a game, a movie,…

gotham-knights-is-coming-out-an-entire-four-days-earlier,-for-some-reason Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Gotham Knights is coming out an entire four days earlier, for some reason

It’s not often that we get to report a game coming out earlier than planned rather than delaying the date, so it’s nice to be able to tell you that Gotham Knights has moved its release date up. It’s only by four days, though, to October 21st, which is sort of baffling. Maybe Warner Bros. are about to announce a new DC-verse TV show coming out on the Knights’ original release date of the 25th? Who knows. But along with this early-release sneak attack is a new trailer, giving us a closer look at the rogues gallery that the extended…

gotham-knights-will-reportedly-no-longer-receive-russian-language-version VG247

Gotham Knights will reportedly no longer receive Russian-language version

The game’s Steam page no longer makes reference to the Russian language, and the game’s sub-site it currently down. According to a new report, the Russian version of Gotham Knights has been cancelled. This claim comes from The Happy Warrior (thanks, Eurogamer), which notes that the Russian-language version of the game has been cancelled due to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. As pointed out by Eurogamer, the Russian sub-site for the game currently leads to a 404 error, with the page last confirmed live as of May 12 via archive.org. The Steam page for the game also has no references…

gotham-knights-shows-off-night-wing-and-red-hood-in-latest-gameplay-trailer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Gotham Knights shows off Night Wing and Red Hood in latest gameplay trailer

I’m not really a superhero guy, but I’d say Batman is my favourite of the bunch. He’s gruff and edgy and wears a cape well. He’s also dead – in open-world action RPG Gotham Knights, at least. “Gah”, was my initial reaction, but that’s changed to “Oh well” having seen 13 minutes of new gameplay footage showing Night Wing and Red Hood stick it to some thugs. What about four-player co-op? Nope, sorry; it’s confirmed only to be two-player, as that’s what Batman would’ve wanted. Read more

gotham-knights-will-have-four-player-co-op-for-all-batman’s-sidekicks Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Gotham Knights will have four player co-op for all Batman’s sidekicks

Superhero open-world action RPG Gotham Knights will be playable in four-player online co-op, according to a leaked PlayStation store listing. A screenshot of the game’s PlayStation store page was posted to the Gotham Knights subreddit over the weekend by keen-eyed user SuspiciousTension19, which shows that it will support “4 network players”. Eurogamer have confirmed that the listing is accurate, too. We don’t know yet whether this will also apply to PC players, of course, but it’s highly likely to be the same across all platforms. Read more

gotham-knights’-store-page-suggests-the-game-might-now-have-four-player-co-op VG247

Gotham Knights’ store page suggests the game might now have four-player co-op

So far the game has only confirmed to have two-player online co-op. Gotham Knights might let you play with up to four players online, despite so far being advertised as allowing two-player co-op. At the moment Gotham Knights is only meant to let you play with one other friend online, but the PSN store page for the game has recently been updated to say that it “supports up to 4 online players with PS Plus” (via Reddit). It reiterates this point by differentiating between support for offline and online maximum number of players, with offline only allowing one, and online…

gotham-knights-trailer-introduces-its-baddies,-the-court-of-owls Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Gotham Knights trailer introduces its baddies, the Court of Owls

If your reaction to hearing that the villains of Batman ’em up Gotham Knights are the Court of Owls is “Hoo?”, 1) wow, good grief 2) you might want to watch these new trailers. Released over the weekend during the DC FanDome pow-o-rama, they introduce the secret society who pull Gotham’s strings, as well as giving us a peek at the game’s version of Penguin. Introduced to the comics in 2011, the Court of Owls are a secret society of posh folk who have secretly ruled Gotham for centuries. They’ve done a pretty poor job of that, haven’t they. They…

wb-games-montreal-teases-possible-new-batman-game VG247

WB Games Montreal teases possible new Batman game

WB Games Montreal recently posted a teaser video of what could possibly be a brand new Batman game. The company definitely teased an ambiguous new game announcement. Although it’s not necessarily clear what it’s going to be, it’s not unreasonable to assume it could be the long-rumored, known-but-never-announced Batman game the studio has purportedly been working on – which is apparently a soft reboot.For now, though, all we know for sure is that it’s centered on the word, “Redacted,” or, as it’s so stylishly spelled in the teaser, “r3dakt3d.” Edgy!The original tweet, posted by the official WB Games Montreal Twitter…

warner-bros.-might-be-keeping-its-games-division VG247

Warner Bros. might be keeping its games division

By Cian Maher, Sunday, 9 August 2020 17:42 GMT Despite AT&T’s earlier decision to sell off the games department of Warner Bros., recent revelations make it seem as if it could be sticking around for a little bit longer. According to a recent report published by TheSixthAxis, Warner Media CEO Jason Kilar recently sent an internal email to Warner Bros. employees.“The Warner Bros. Motion Pictures Group continues to be led by Chairman Toby Emmerich,” it reads. “Warner Bros. Television Studios group continues to be led by Chairman Peter Roth.”“Warner Bros. Interactive remains part of the Studios and Networks group, along with our…