doom-eternal-vr-may-have-been-revealed-by-australian-ratings-board VG247

Doom Eternal VR may have been revealed by Australian ratings board

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 25 January 2021 18:00 GMT The Australian game classification board has provided a rating for a game that may well end up being Doom Eternal VR.Doom Eternal may finally be out on the Switch, but now it looks like iD Software and Bethesda could be targeting yet another platform for the game.A new listing from the Australian classification board (thanks, PCGamesN) has rated a mysterious title called ‘Project 2021A’. As per the listing, this interesting, unannounced title is classified as ‘virtual reality’, and is listed under the authorship of iD Software (with Bethesda on publishing duties)….

are-there-any-vr-games-you’re-looking-forward-to-in-2021? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Are there any VR games you’re looking forward to in 2021?

Earlier today, we got a glimpse inside Ian Hitman’s head with a trailer for Hitman 3‘s new VR support. Except we didn’t, really, because support has thus far only been confirmed for the PSVR and not for our superior PC-based virtual reality headsets. So it’s got me thinking. Is there anything to be excited about in VR gaming in 2021? (more…)

you-can-now-play-microsoft-flight-simulator-in-vr VG247

You can now play Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 22 December 2020 16:34 GMT Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly in VR. The team behind Microsoft Flight Simulator has added support for virtual reality headsets.In a post on Xbox Wire, the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Jorg Neumann, wrote that the title now supports a variety of VR hardware, including Windows Mixed Reality headsets, as well as tech from Oculus, Valve and HTC.“The flight sim community has been a very active and insightful partner in shaping how the team approached VR, and continues to be a critical partner in our continued development as…

vr-support-coming-to-microsoft-flight-simulator-in-december VG247

VR support coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator in December

Microsoft Flight Simulator will receive VR support via a new update on December 22, 2020, ahead of a big new UK update landing in January.Microsoft and developer Asobo have announced a couple of new updates that are set to arrive in its flagship simulation title, Microsoft Flight Simulator, in a developer Q&A on Twitch.According to the company, VR will be added via the free Sim Update 2 which will introduce support for all the major VR headsets.“It will be open to all devices,” executive producer Martial Bossard stated in the stream. “Oculus family, Valve family – every family of headset…

oculus-store-launches-black-friday-deals-for-quest-and-rift VG247

Oculus store launches Black Friday deals for Quest and Rift

By Henry Stockdale, Friday, 27 November 2020 21:31 GMT With the original Oculus Quest being discontinued after Oculus Quest 2’s launch last month, there hasn’t been any hardware bundles going for the older Virtual Reality units this Black Friday. Honestly, we’d not seen a huge amount of Virtual Reality offers anywhere. Until now that is, as Oculus have just launched their Black Friday 2020 offers. Deals are admittedly stronger for the Oculus Rift lineup, going as high as 88% off in some instances. That said, there’s still some great offers for Quest owners too, bringing us several bundles filled with acclaimed…


Don’t expect post-launch content for Star Wars: Squadrons

It looks like whatever content Star Wars: Squadrons released with will be all that it ever gets.EA doesn’t appear to have long-term plans for Star Wars: Squadrons. The publisher revealed that the budget-priced space shooter will not receive post-launch support standard with most games these days.Speaking to Upload VR, creative director Ian Frazier confirmed that what’s there right now is likely all we’re getting, as Squadrons wasn’t designed as a service game.“Never say never, so to speak, but as far as our philosophy goes we’re not trying to treat the game as a live service,” said Frazier. “We don’t want…

vr-controller-patents-hint-at-inside-out-tracking-for-the-next-psvr VG247

VR controller patents hint at inside-out tracking for the next PSVR

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 25 September 2020 12:53 GMT Sony’s next line of VR products will seemingly be taking on board many of the learnings from the PC side.Sony has filed for a new patent that shows the design of what could be its next VR controller, potentially for the successor to PlayStation VR.The patent, uncovered by LetsGoDigital, was published this week in Japan. Descriptions of the design intent and the tech are all in Japanese, but the design itself matches existing VR controllers.As UploadVR points out, the new controllers appear to support inside-out tracking, which allows them to work…

a-nintendo-labo-vr-kit-is-now-just-$20 VG247

A Nintendo Labo VR Kit is now just $20

By James Pickard, Friday, 28 August 2020 15:39 GMT Best Buy is currently running a deal of the day that drops the price of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit to just $20 – that’s half price.The fourth kit to be made available in Nintendo’s range of quirky cardboard accessories, the VR Kit includes a set of goggles and a blaster that can be used to play a range of virtual reality games on the Switch. Many of these are found on a cartridge that comes with the VR Kit, while there are others that adapt existing Switch games such as…

teachers-are-using-half-life:-alyx-to-teach-students-during-lockdown VG247

Teachers are using Half-Life: Alyx to teach students during lockdown

Teachers in Poznań, Poland have discovered a way to safely teach classes during the pandemic by implementing lessons into Half-Life: Alyx. According to a recent report published Upload VR, Poland made online education mandatory on March 25. Just five days later, the first of six two-hour seminars taught via Half-Life: Alyx was made available to students of Szkola 33 on social media.Check out the video below, which features footage of an English class.As you can see, the goal of this class is to teach kids vocabulary for the things you might expect to find in a flat. The teacher uses Half-Life:…