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Vlambeer’s parting gift is unfinished tower defence FFFLOOD

Vlambeer is dead . Almost, at least. The Dutch indie duo may have gone their separate ways, but they’ll stick it out to release one last game, frenetic puzzle-shmup Ultrabugs. But it’s their second-to-last game that may be most interesting, however, with an unfinished build of roguelite tower-defense FFFLOOD finding its way onto Itch earlier this week. (more…)

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Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing dev Vlambeer is shutting down

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 2 September 2020 12:30 GMT Vlambeer’s ten-year run is ending.Vlambeer, the two-person development team behind many indie hits on PC and mobile, is closing shop. The developer announced the news this week on Twitter, on the studio’s tenth anniversary no less.“We had a beautiful run, made incredible games, and worked with amazing people, but it is time for new things,” the developer said.“It’s not a sad day for us, but the happy conclusion to a whirlwind decade filled with screenshake. It feels like we’ve achieved what we set out to do – as a studio, as…

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After 10 years, Dutch indie duo Vlambeer call it quits

After a decade of monitor-shattering screenshake, the Gun Godz at Vlambeer are closing their doors. The creators of Nuclear Throne, Luftrausers, Super Crate Box and many more delightfully crunchy shooters today announced that Vlambeer’s time is up. While Rami Ismail and JW Nijman aren’t quitting games for good, they’ll no longer be releasing them under the banner of a hastily-drawn flaming bear – with the exception of Ultrabugs, of course. (more…)