the-truth-behind-those-wild-tiktok-videos-meant-to-hack-your-attention Twitch

The Truth Behind Those Wild TikTok Videos Meant To Hack Your Attention

If you spend any time on TikTok, you may have noticed that a certain kind of video collage is popping up all over your For You page. Maybe it has a clip of the adult cartoon Family Guy in there, or socialist Twitch streamer Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker talking about Black Lives Matter. But no matter the footage, it’s likely one of the other panels will be playing gameplay of mobile endless runner game Subway Surfers. And if you’re confused about what the hell is going on, well, great! Because I was, too.

keke-palmer-is-playing-the-sims-on-instagram,-and-it’s-pure-drama Twitch

Keke Palmer Is Playing The Sims On Instagram, And It’s Pure Drama

Keke Palmer, the actor known for her recent roles in Nope and Lightyear (or as the titular character in the Nickelodeon True Jackson, VP depending on which side of 2000 you were born) has been thriving as of late. As a former Nickelodeon/Disney Channel kid, I’m always happy to see anyone from that era doing well outside of their child star origins, so Palmer’s continued persistence in pop culture is a win, for both her and me. While this multi-talented individual is booked and busy, people are asking her to add Twitch streamer to her resume after she took to…

twitch-star’s-black-lives-matter-post-gets-him-tiktok-permaban-on-mlk-day Twitch

Twitch Star’s Black Lives Matter Post Gets Him TikTok Permaban On MLK Day

We’re talking about the mega-popular Twitch streamer Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker again. However, instead of a scandal pertaining to his actions on the Amazon-owned streaming platform or something related to how rich the political commentator is, Hasanabi is making headlines for being permabanned on TikTok for “hateful behavior” after his editor reposted a clip from Hasanabi’s December 14 livestream on Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter.