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mario-+-rabbids:-sparks-of-hope-launches-october-20,-sees-bowser-join-the-fun E3

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope Launches October 20, Sees Bowser Join The Fun

Today, during the latest third-party-focused Mini Direct, Nintendo finally announced a release date for Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, its cartoonish take on a tactics game made in conjunction with Ubisoft. It’s set to come out on October 20, 2022, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, developed by Ubisoft’s Milan-based outfit, first appeared in an official capacity at the French mega-publisher’s E3 2021 showcase. But, if we’re talking technicalities, the tactics game leaked beforehand, when it showed up on Nintendo’s website hours before the showcase. Whoops! Ironically, Ubisoft also leaked the game’s release date ahead…

kingdom-hearts-4-sleuthers-find-sora’s-apartment-irl,-and-it-ain’t-cheap Twitch

Kingdom Hearts 4 Sleuthers Find Sora’s Apartment IRL, And It Ain’t Cheap

Kingdom Hearts stans are tearing all the meat off the bones from the recent Kingdom Hearts IV announcement trailer, picking it apart for any and all possible details about Sora’s upcoming adventure. There’s a bit of disappointment to go with the hype, like the painful revelation that our big-shoed hero doesn’t actually have big feet. On the positive side, however, there’s been some intrepid detective work that’s turned up some compelling results. One self-proclaimed “Square Enix fangirl” named Audrey “aitaikimochi” Lamsam has found the actual Tokyo apartment that seems to be the basis for the one in which Sora wakes…

elden-ring-pro-beats-game-in-about-two-hours-without-dying-once Twitch

Elden Ring Pro Beats Game In About Two Hours Without Dying Once

Elden Ring has been out for nearly two weeks now and, if you’re anything like me, you’re still making your way through the expansive gothic world of the Lands Between. Not everyone is taking their leisurely time with the game, though, as one speedrunner ripped through FromSoftware’s action-RPG in just two-and-a-half hours…without dying a single time! Color me jealous.

call-of-duty:-vanguard-player-headshots-opponents-with-donkey-kong-bongos Twitch

Call of Duty: Vanguard Player Headshots Opponents With Donkey Kong Bongos

When Nintendo released the bongo drum controllers used with the Donkey Konga games and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, the company probably didn’t envision them being used in a Call of Duty game. To be fair, neither did I. But in a recent Call of Duty: Vanguard match, Twitch streamer DeanoBeano managed to amass 105 kills and assists on a pair of DK Bongos.

remember-when-everyone-was-convinced-gta:-san-andreas-was-full-of-creepy-secrets? Twitch

Remember When Everyone Was Convinced GTA: San Andreas Was Full of Creepy Secrets?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas isn’t filled with ghosts, aliens, cryptids, monsters, or shadow people. But in the years after its initial 2004 release—at a time when uploading videos to the internet was hard and datamining games was less common—people believed Rockstar’s classic open-world game contained all those creepy things and more. Some went to YouTube to share their findings, theories, and “myth hunts.” Often Windows Movie Maker and the X-Files theme song were a part of these videos.