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Destruction AllStars — Muting Voice Chat | How to mute other players and turn off voice chat

Destruction AllStars launched this week exclusive to the PlayStation 5, where it’s available for free on PS+ until the end of March.Despite its fairly positive reception, there’s one problem that threatens to drown out the rest of the conversation surrounding the game. Which is ironic, because that problem is voice chat. Specifically, that voice chat is enabled by default in Destruction AllStars, and can’t be turned off in-game.Anyone who’s spent any amount of time in the public lobbies of an online game probably knows why this is a less than ideal situation — compounded by the fact that on the…

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Destruction AllStars Character Abilities | Every Car and Hero Breaker explained

Destruction AllStars is a PlayStation 5 exclusive vehicular combat game, free for PS+ subscribers throughout February and March 2021. You can count the number of PS5 exclusives currently available to play on the fingers of one hand, so the excitement surrounding the release of Destruction AllStars is understandable.Looking and feeling a bit like a crossover between Rocket League and Overwatch, Destruction AllStars sees its heroes begin a match with their car. But once their vehicle is destroyed by their opponents, a hero must play out the rest of the match on foot — a tricky but far from impossible challenge.There…