twitch’s-mega-popular-ai-streamer-now-pulling-in-thousands-of-viewers-with-reaction-content Twitch

Twitch’s Mega Popular AI Streamer Now Pulling In Thousands Of Viewers With Reaction Content

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere these days, with technologies like ChatGPT and DALL-E encroaching on human artistic creativity and expression. Sometimes it yields interestingly absurdist results, such as that AI-generated Seinfeld-like show Nothing, Forever. Other times, it feigns humanity, like the AI-controlled VTuber Neuro-sama, which has recently moved onto reacting to content in front of tens of thousands of Twitch chatters—and, according to its creator, has plans to work with “human streamers” in the future. Things are getting even weirder on the internet.

ai-controlled-vtuber-streams-games-on-twitch,-denies-holocaust Twitch

AI-Controlled VTuber Streams Games On Twitch, Denies Holocaust

Neuro-sama is a VTuber who streams Minecraft and the rhythm game Osu! on Twitch. But unlike most anime avatars, she’s controlled by an artificial intelligence program rather than a human being. That makes her catnip for the denizens of Twitch chat, who can prompt her to respond with all sorts of questions ranging from innocent inquiries to 4chan trolling. Within the first few streams, someone had already asked Neuro-sama about the Holocaust. “I’m not sure if I believe it,” she said.