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Last Stop review impressions – Why isn’t my life living in London this exciting?

By Dorrani Williams 21 July 2021 17:01 GMT I recently got a chance to check out an indie game called Last Stop by developer Variable State. It’s a story-heavy supernatural adventure game set in present-day London.As the only person of the VG247 team who lives in London, I was the most qualified to give it the Londoner stamp of approval. Check out the video below for my first impressions.Watch on YouTubeYou play as three different characters (John, Meena, and Donna) whose stories all weave together one way or another. You can play any of the three characters in any order…

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Last Stop review: half a really good Doctor Who episode

I was a fan of Virginia, Variable State’s first-person FBI thriller. It used unusual camera cuts to create a really filmic vibe, something that games are always trying to do but rarely succeed. Last Stop is Variable State’s new story adventure game, and adds two more fully voiced protagonists, three converging storylines, and a bunch of glowy green sci-fi light, while keeping the TV show style. With all the stories taking place in the same (fictional) borough of London, the result is somewhere between Black Mirror and Doctor Who. Read more

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Annapurna delay 12 Minutes, Last Stop and The Artful Escape into 2021

With only a month and a bit to go ’til we ring in the new year, Annapurna Interactive this week announced that their remaining slate of 2020 releases will no longer launch this year. 12 Minutes, The Artful Escape and Last Stop have instead been pushed back to next year – and while the publishers haven’t given specifics over the trio of delays, they reckon the final stages of polishing all three can’t be wrapped before the turning of the calendar. (more…)