the-next-steam-next-fest-is-scaring-up-hundreds-more-demos-in-october Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The next Steam Next Fest is scaring up hundreds more demos in October

It looks like Steam Sales and Steam Next Fests are fated to be pals for the foreseeable future. Valve have announced that they’ll be hosting yet another big game demo bonanza in early October, which is almost guaranteed to be followed by the yearly Steam Halloween Sale. The next Steam Next Fest is scheduled to kick off on October 1, once again bringing hundreds of demos for upcoming games and livestreams from their developers. Read more

valve-are-running-a-$1-million-cs:go-weapon-skin-design-contest Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valve are running a $1 million CS:GO weapon skin design contest

Valve are challenging artists to create the CS:GO weapon skins of their dreams. Or someone else’s dreams. Any kind of dream or nightmare theme you like, really, so long as you slap it on a CS:GO weapon to enter. They’re launching a total $1 million contest tomorrow in which ten creators will win $100,000 and have their CS:GO weapon finishes added to the game. The contest runs through the middle of October, in part to celebrate and support the community of Steam Workshop creators, Valve say. Read more

steam-deck’s-controller-friendly-ui-will-replace-big-picture-mode,-at-some-point VG247

Steam Deck’s controller-friendly UI will replace Big Picture mode, at some point

By Sherif Saed 21 July 2021 12:55 GMT Steam’s outdated Big Picture mode will receive the overhaul we’ve been asking for, eventually.One of the biggest takeaways from the Steam Deck reveal, outside of all the hardware and platform talk, is the handheld’s UI. It was very easy to tell that this is very much not the archaic Big Picture setup we’ve been using for years.Watch on YouTubeIt turns out, that is because Valve built the new interface for Steam Deck, but it won’t just live there. The company has confirmed that, as many suspected, this design will eventually replace Big…

steam’s-big-picture-mode-is-being-replaced-by-steam-deck-os Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam’s Big Picture Mode is being replaced by Steam Deck OS

The only time I ever used Steam’s Big Picture Mode, the UI Valve designed for when you’re playing your games on a TV from a sofa, was when I accidentally hit the button on Steam that launched it. Or in Steam VR, where it’s forced on the user. I didn’t use it on my living room PC, because it turns Steam into a dungeon that trapped you instead of easily letting you play your games. It won’t be long until it’s gone forever. Valve are going to replace it with the Steam Deck’s new UI. Read more

the-steam-deck-means-we-finally-have-a-handheld-that-supports-mods Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Steam Deck means we finally have a handheld that supports mods

Valve’s Steam Deck announcement has come with surprisingly few caveats. All FAQs seem to be answered with “If Steam can do it then so can Steam Deck”. Excitingly, this means that mods can run on the device. Everyone knows that Skyrim has been ported to every mobile platform you can grab, but you’ll only be able to add mods like Enhanced Blood Textures or SkyUI on Steam Deck. The same goes for all those amazing Stardew Valley mods, too. Yes. Please. Read more

the-steam-deck-is-bad-news-for-the-epic-store-no-matter-what-tim-sweeney-says Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Steam Deck is bad news for the Epic Store no matter what Tim Sweeney says

Earlier today, Valve announced the Steam Deck. It’s a handheld gaming device that runs Steam via SteamOS. It’s also a fully-functioning PC, meaning you can get Windows on there and install whatever you want, including other game stores. Tim Sweeney has praised the device on Twitter, calling it an “amazing move by Valve”. But why would I ever buy a PC game anywhere other than Steam ever again? Read more

valve-have-announced-the-very-switch-like-steam-deck Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valve have announced the very Switch-like Steam Deck

Rumours about Valve making a portable PC called the SteamPal were flying about the internet just a couple of months ago, but this evening the dream of a fully portable PC has finally come true. Meet the Steam Deck, which will be shipping this December with prices starting at £349 / $399. Read more

a-former-half-life-designer-is-showing-off-prototypes-and-rejected-bloodbaths Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A former Half-Life designer is showing off prototypes and rejected bloodbaths

It’s always grand to get a peek behind the gamedev curtain at things that might have been. Former Half-Life level designer Brett Johnson has been digging through his old work, and his memories, to share some early Half-Life prototypes and some ideas that never came to be. Would Half-Life have been a classic if it had gotten the name “Belly Of The Beast”? I dunno, doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well, does it? Read more

dota-2’s-championship-will-be-now-be-held-in-romania-this-october Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dota 2’s Championship will be now be held in Romania this October

Valve’s plans to hold Dota 2’s ‘The International’ tournament in Stockholm were scuppered last month after the Swedish Sports Federation refused to classify e-sports competitors as ‘elite athletes’. The classification was required to get around the visa restrictions in place during the Covid-19 pandemic. Valve have now moved on and announced that the finals of their competition will now be held in Bucharest, Romania. Read more

return-to-a-top-down-black-mesa-in-the-unofficial-half-life-loop Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Return to a top-down Black Mesa in the unofficial Half-Life Loop

The probably soon-to-be-renamed Half-Life: Loop is an unofficial HL twin-stick shooter set in Black Mesa. It locks Gordon Freeman into a series of challenges to prove to the G-Man he’s the right man for the job, using the classic Half-Life enemies and crates to craft an endless, violent job interview. No wonder he was so handy with a crowbar. He’d already passed the test! Read more

dota-2’s-championships-won’t-be-held-in-sweden-because-esports-aren’t-‘elite’-enough Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dota 2’s championships won’t be held in Sweden because esports aren’t ‘elite’ enough

Valve’s plans to hold the finals of their Dota 2 championship The International in Stockholm seem dead after the Swedish Sports Federation voted against esports being accepted as an ‘elite sport’. The classification was vital to secure the same travel exemptions that other sports have during the Covid-19 pandemic. An appeal to the Swedish government was denied, which seems to shut the door on the event’s initial location. Valve have committed to holding the event somewhere “in Europe this year”. Read more

e3-2021’s-pc-gaming-show-set-for-sunday,-june-13 VG247

E3 2021’s PC Gaming Show set for Sunday, June 13

By Dom Peppiatt 7 June 2021 20:32 GMT Future has announced that the PC Gaming Show, now an E3 staple, will be taking place on Sunday, June 13 at 2:30pm PST / 5:30pm EST / 10.30pm BST.The event will be broadcasting from Los Angeles during the E3 weekend and will boast 39 new trailers, game announcements, and interviews to audiences around the world.“PC gaming retains its position as the world’s most vibrant gaming platform,” says PC Gamer Global Editor-in-Chief Evan Lahti. “The PC’s library of weird, innovative, and genre-pushing games grows every week. The PC Gaming Show is about shining a bright…

steam’s-open-world-sale-is-live,-runs-through-may-31 VG247

Steam’s Open World Sale is live, runs through May 31

By Stephany Nunneley 27 May 2021 19:12 GMT Valve has opened the doors on its Steam Open World Sale.Running today through May 31, the Steam Open World Sale features discounts on, well, open-world games.Watch on YouTubeGames on sale include Cyberpunk 2077 for 20% off, Sea of Thieves is 50% off, you can grab Red Dead Redemption 2 for 33% off, get 67% off Borderlands 3, The Witcher 3 will run you $7.99, and Monster Hunter World is 34% off.Other games on sale include: Rust, Black Desert Remastered, The Forest, Death Stranding, DayZ, No Man’s Sky, Star Wars Squadrons, The Outer…

valve-possibly-working-on-a-handheld-steam-console-called-“steampal” VG247

Valve possibly working on a handheld Steam console called “SteamPal”

By Stephany Nunneley 25 May 2021 17:02 GMT Valve is apparently working on something that sounds sort of like a handheld system.This is according to SteamDB which found a reference to something called “SteamPal” in the beta client update. Codenamed Neptune, according to what was listed, whatever SteamPal is, it features controller bindings, a quick access menu, system settings such as airplane mode, wifi, and Bluetooth, as well as a power menu.This wouldn’t be the first time Valve has dipped its toes into something other than games. There was Steam Link, the Steam Box, the Steam Controller, and of course…

epic-reportedly-offered-sony-$200-million-for-playstation-exclusives VG247

Epic reportedly offered Sony $200 million for PlayStation exclusives

Epic Games has reportedly courted Sony to release its first-party games exclusively on the Epic Games Store.The Epic Games vs. Apple trial continues to be a goldmine in revealing the corporate wheeling and dealing that goes on behind the scenes in the ultra-secretive video game industry.Watch on YouTubeThe latest reveal concerns Epic Games’ ambitions to have the Epic Games Store become the first destination for players to buy Microsoft, Sony and even Nintendo first-party exclusives. Among several tactics to grow the store’s userbase, Epic proposed a strategy to convince the top console platform holders to bring their games to PC.The…