steam-deck-update-adds-per-game-performance-profiles Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam Deck update adds per-game performance profiles

Steam Deck software updates continue to refine Valve’s handheld PC. This time, the big new feature is the ability to create per-game performance profiles, which let you pick and choose from the Deck’s toy chest of power and battery-saving settings and apply your tailored configuration to a specific game at a time. You can then switch between games without having to manually re-adjust those settings every time you play something different. Read more

judge-rules-part-of-antitrust-suit-against-valve-can-continue Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Judge rules part of antitrust suit against Valve can continue

The antitrust lawsuit against Valve can continue, a US judge has ruled. Valve had filed a motion for the case to be dismissed, but the latest ruling states that game publishers “plausibly allege” that they “suffer price and non-price injury” from Valve’s conduct related to Steam. In particular, the suit alleges that Valve use “most favoured nation” policies to prevent competition based on price. Read more

an-hour-of-new-footage-for-half-life-spin-off-ravenholm-has-been-released VG247

An hour of new footage for Half-Life spin-off Ravenholm has been released

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The canned game from Dishonored’s developer. Footage of Arkane’s Half-Life spin-off, Ravenholm, has been posted online by Noclip, the YouTube channel known for producing some really great documentaries on games. In the hour-long footage, you are shown the build Arkane created to show the current progress of the game to Valve. This means what you see is not a finished title, but it still offers a glimpse at what might have been. In the game, you would have played as…

steam-is-going-rogue-next-week-with-the-festival-of-persistence-sale VG247

Steam is going rogue next week with the Festival of Persistence sale

During the week you can enjoy discounts on current and upcoming roguelike games. Starting Monday May 2, Steam will celebrate roguelikes, roguelites, and everything in between with Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence. Running through May 9, during this time you can explore discounts on games that belong to these subgenres. Rooted in elements of RPG fantasy or action and based on the genre’s namesake, Rogue, roguelikes, and roguelites are games where persistence means success. Roguelike games tend to feature complexity, random maps, and often permadeath, whereas roguelites borrow from the same elements, but permadeath isn’t always the only option…

steam’s-enter-the-dragon-showcase-of-chinese-devs-and-publishers-starts-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam’s Enter The Dragon showcase of Chinese devs and publishers starts today

A week-long festival highlighting the work of Chinese developers begins on Steam today, organised by publisher Pixmain. Enter The Dragon brings a load of streams lined up on Steam and over at Pixmain’s Twitch channel to show off Chinese-developed indies like the spooky looking SCP: Secret Files, and plenty of demos to take a crack at. Think I’ll be installing My Time At Portia follow-up My Time At Sandrock and roguelike cyberpunk platformer Loopmancer this weekend. Read more

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Playing ten different game genres on the Steam Deck: what works and what doesn’t

It gets easier every day to find out which games will simply run on a Steam Deck; the list of Steam Verified-rated games is regularly extending, and SteamDB are keeping track of Playable and Unsupported games as well. Still, while these may be old favourites that you’ve already sunk hours into on a desktop, you might still be wondering how these games play when transplanted to the smaller screen and gamepad-ish controls of a handheld. Liam was wondering it, anyway. Thus, he picked ten difference game genres from the most-played on Steam, asked me to play at least one game…

a-half-life-2-mod-brought-a-star-fox-voice-actor-out-of-retirement VG247

A Half-Life 2 mod brought a Star Fox voice actor out of retirement

Estelle Ellis’ last role was in 2005’s Perfect Dark Zero. A Half-Life 2 mod has managed to bring back Star Fox voice actor Estelle Ellis, who played Krystal in Star Fox Adventures, and hasn’t done any acting since 2005. Half-Life 2 is a pretty good game, sure, but the most common criticism about the Valve developed title is that there just aren’t enough hot blue foxes in the game, which is absolutely the truth. Thankfully, in 2017, a mod was released that replaces Alyx Vance with probably the most famous blue fox, Krystal, though only her model. Now though, modder…

steam-deck-drift-issue-was-caused-by-a-recent-firmware-update-and-valve-has-released-a-fix VG247

Steam Deck drift issue was caused by a recent firmware update and Valve has released a fix

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Valve has released an update to combat issues experienced by some users. Steam Deck was recently released, and some users were reporting drift issues with the thumbsticks. Most users reporting the issue stated drift was mainly centered on the right thumbstick. According to Valve, the problem stemmed from a deadzone calibration issue introduced with the recent firmware update. The company has shipped a fix to address the problem. To download the update, you will need to go to Settings >…

steam-deck-engineer-says-part-replacements-still-“best-left-to-pros” Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam Deck engineer says part replacements still “best left to pros”

Valve haven’t changed their collective minds on DIY Steam Deck upgrades and repairs; although the portable PC is finally on its way to the earliest reservers, it’s still the company’s stance that you shouldn’t open it up and make hardware changes yourself. That’s according to Valve engineer Pierre-Loup Griffais, who spoke to us at length on the making of the Deck and its future prospects. Valve have previously made the peculiar move of showing exactly how to open a Steam Deck and remove individual parts, complete with video, while simultaneously declaring it something owners should refrain from. On pain of…

steam-deck-review:-it’s-a-chunky-marvel,-brimming-with-potential…-when-it-works-right VG247

Steam Deck review: it’s a chunky marvel, brimming with potential… when it works right

“Jesus Christ, that’s massive,” my partner exclaims. She’s walked in the room and is eyeing the unwieldy, heavy thing I’m gripping with both hands. And she’s right. The thing in question is the Steam Deck – and it is massive. Enormous. After using this, going back to a Nintnedo Switch feels like holding a tiny, dainty baby bird. It’s bonkers. My extremely patient, long-suffering partner sees a lot of gaming hardware come through the doors of this house, but she’s never commented on the sheer size of a device before; not when I first unboxed the could-bludgeon-a-man sized new-generation consoles…

gabe-newell-talks-steam-deck,-crypto-risks-and-why-the-pc-industry-“won’t-tolerate”-closed-platforms Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Gabe Newell talks Steam Deck, crypto risks and why the PC industry “won’t tolerate” closed platforms

I recently had the chance to grill Gabe Newell – Valve president and co-founder, plus brain tech enthusiast – about the Steam Deck. What followed did indeed start with a look at Valve’s portable PC, including the lessons learned from the company’s past hardware attempts, but it soon swerved into a wider-ranging discussion on cryptocurrency, NFTs, consolidation issues affecting the games industry and whether there might be whole new Steam Decks in the future. Come and read the full Q&A below. Read more

the-best-steam-deck-games-and-accessories-deals VG247

The best Steam Deck games and accessories deals

Here are the best deals on accessories that’ll take your Steam Deck to the next level. Congratulations are in order if you’re one of the first-wave lucky owners of a Steam Deck! Thanks to global supply issues, those who ordered even an hour or two after pre-orders went live are possibly going to wait up to six or twelve months to get their hands on one. But even if you were slightly unlucky with the timing, this guide will still help you get the most out of the Steam Deck Even though it looks like a beefier Nintendo Switch of…

steam-next-fest-february-2022-edition-kicks-off-on-the-21st VG247

Steam Next Fest February 2022 Edition kicks off on the 21st

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Make some room for tons of neat indie demos. Quick bit of news for you: Valve has announced Steam Next Fest: February 2022 Edition will kick off in a couple of weeks, and as usual, developers from all over the world will have demos available for you to try. From February 21-28, you can play hundreds of demos from games with future releases on Steam. During this time, the developers will want to hear from you, and you will have…

valve-ramps-up-steam-deck-compatibility-testing,-nearly-300-games-get-verified-status Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valve ramps up Steam Deck compatibility testing, nearly 300 games get Verified status

Fortnite might not make it to the Steam Deck, but anyone planning to pick up Valve’s portable PC won’t be short on compatible games. The Steam Deck compatibility review programme, in which Valve intend to test every Steam game for playability and usability on the Deck, appears to be upping gears ahead of the launch on February 25th. According to the unofficial tracking list on SteamDB, 294 games have entered the highest possible ‘Verified’ category, nearly tripling the count of Verified games that were listed a week ago. Read more