how-to-craft-valheim-cartography-table-and-what-it-does VG247

How to craft Valheim cartography table and what it does

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The Valheim cartography table is a new addition in the Hearth and Home update that brings with it a long-awaited update. You’ll need plenty of materials to craft it, but thankfully, they’re items you can gather fairly early in your adventure. That’s extra handy if you followed Iron Gate’s advice and restarted your Valheim game before downloading Hearth and Home. Valheim cartography table | What does the cartography table do Valheim’s new cartography table lets you share your map with…

valheim’s-final-hearth-&-home-preview-details-axe-buffs-and-bow-nerfs Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valheim’s final Hearth & Home preview details axe buffs and bow nerfs

After plenty of previews and much ado, the major Hearth & Home update for viking crafting adventure Valheim is nearly here. Iron Gate have shown off the new hunger system, new foods, new ways to expel that food, and have now posted their last preview for the update. This one goes into some quick details on how the battleaxe and bow are changing. They say they’re making the bow less overpowered but really, it sounds like an upgrade for me personally. Study up on all these changes before the big update hits next week. Read more

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Valheim’s Hearth & Home update will let you vomit all your tasty new foods

As we learned last week thanks to that snazzy animated trailer, viking action craft ’em up Valheim is summoning its major Hearth & Home update in September. We’ve gotten teasers on quite a bit of the update’s features over the past couple months—from new building pieces to special treasure chests, and more. The latest detail is that you’ll be able to vomit. Yes, that’s actually a thing you might want to do on purpose. Iron Gate demonstrate your nasty new ability in a quick developer update. Read more

valheim-patch-adds-new-terrain-modification,-fixes-a-couple-of-bugs VG247

Valheim patch adds new terrain modification, fixes a couple of bugs

By Dom Peppiatt 20 April 2021 10:54 GMT Developer Iron Gate Studios has rolled out a big new patch for the popular survival game Valheim that overhauls the terrain system and makes landscaping that bit easier for players.If you’re eager to do some humongous terrain-based projects in Valheim, you’re going to want to pay attention to the game’s latest update. Though the last patch tweaked Hammer, Hoe and Cultivator timings, this new update (version 0.150.3)  does some slightly more in-depth rejigging to the game’s suite of customization tools.“The new terrain modification system is made to reduce the number of network instances and…

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Become a viking wizard with this Valheim mod Skyheim

Valheim already has its own sort of magic with the forsaken powers you get from each boss, but if you’re more into to slinging fireballs around you may want to try out Skyheim. This mod adds runes that you can craft with loot from bosses and dungeons. Summon a light instead of carrying a torch. Scorch a forest full of Greylings with your fire. Oh, and teleport yourself back to your bed at will. It sounds pretty powerful, but chucking fire and ice around sure looks like a good time. Read more

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Valheim mod lets you overclock your smelters

After a strong mining sesh in Valheim, I believe there’s no greater agony than smelting all the ore I’ve gathered. Yes, it’s satisfying, but I am a terribly impatient individual who demands my metal bars now, not later. That’s why a mod which lets me overclock my smelters, kilns, and blast furnaces with Surtling Cores has me interested. Finally, I can speed up the process. Read more

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Why Valheim wants to stop you using portals

Valheim is a survival game in which you grub around in forests for wood and leather scraps and steadily build your base into a towering castle. It’s also a game in which you’re a Viking who goes on epic voyages to distant islands for fortune and enough glory to ascend to Valhalla. Why not both, right? Well, one reason why not is that these two ideals sometimes rub up against each other the wrong way. Developer Iron Gate Studio found a particular pressure point when they came to design its portals, which instantly teleport players across the game world. “We…

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Valheim passes 6 million units sold, upcoming update teased

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 20 March 2021 13:32 GMT Iron Gate Studios have announced Valheim has hit another sales milestone.Released a little over six weeks ago through Steam Early Access, Valheim has now sold 6 million units. Just two weeks ago, the game stood at 5 million sold.Alongside the news, the team has offered a teaser image of an update currently in the works. You can see the image of the raven below.The first big update to the game, Hearth and Home, is currently in playtesting with bug fixes being addressed.The team is also working on more high-priority bugs and…

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Valheim: Where to find iron | How to mine and smelt scrap iron

Iron is one of the most versatile resources in Valheim. It’s used in a huge number of crafting projects, from armour and weapon sets to tools and base building.You may be surprised, then, that you can’t get hold of any until the mid-game, and even then it’s not particularly obvious where to look for it.Read on for everything you need to know to find, mine, and smelt scrap iron into pure iron. Where to find iron in Valheim How to mine iron How to smelt pure iron in Valheim Iron crafting recipes Where to find iron in ValheimMost metals in…

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Valheim trophies | How to craft item displays and hang trophies

When you defeat an enemy in Valheim, there’s a chance they’ll drop a trophy.From the humblest leech to the biggest boss, your victory in battle can be commemorated with your enemy’s stuffed and mounted head. (Or occasionally some less identifiable body part.)Several trophies serve an actual purpose in game-play, but many are purely for decoration. And aside from boss trophies, sooner or later you’ll likely end up with more than you can use from most enemy types.With a little DIY, these “leftover” trophies can be displayed in your home base. How to craft an Item Stand for trophies in Valheim…