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an-ode-to-kain-from-blood-omen-and-his-legacy-–-including-untitled-goose-game Rock,Paper,Shotgun

An ode to Kain from Blood Omen and his Legacy – including Untitled Goose Game

Steam user genre tags can be awful. Cyberpunk 2077 was, for example, tagged ‘masterpiece’ for months before the first gameplay trailer, while the much more reasonable and catchy ‘looks cool sure but too early to say anything definitive if we’re being adults about it’ tag was strangely absent. Happily, they are sometimes wonderful, like the tag alongside ‘comedy’ and ‘indie’ that categorises avian arsehole adventure Untitled Goose Game as having a ‘villain protagonist’. I’ve been thinking about villain protagonists a fair amount this week because GOG just graced our collective thinking tellies with 1996 Zelda-like Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain,…

untitled-goose-game’s-second-playable-goose-gets-a-brand-new-honk VG247

Untitled Goose Game’s second playable goose gets a brand new honk

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 20 September 2020 15:17 GMT A new update coming to Untitled Goose Game brings co-op mode to 2019’s biggest indie hit on September 23. To whet your appetite for new goose-based mayhem, developer House House has detailed the game’s second playable goose.In a tweet, the developer showed off a short video that featured two geese honking at each other. Repeatedly. And aggressively.The second playable goose (which sports a slightly pinker bill and feet than the original goose, as well as a basal knob) has a somewhat more shrill honk than its predecessor. Check it out in the…

untitled-goose-game-co-op-coming-via-free-update-on-september-23 VG247

Untitled Goose Game co-op coming via free update on September 23

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 18 August 2020 18:07 GMT An update coming to Untitled Goose Game will be made available next month, and it brings co-op to the title.Soon you’ll be able to enjoy Untitled Goose Game with a friend in co-op when an update lands on September 23.With the update, you will be able to play through the whole game with a friend. It comes with a new honking goose, which looks to be a gander and allows you to make even more trouble for the village’s citizens.This will be a free update to all owners of Untitled Goose…