unity-fires-manager-who-tweeted-the-company-is-“out-of-touch” VG247

Unity fires manager who tweeted the company is “out of touch”

The former partner relations manager aired an exec’s odd suggestion, only to be sacked shortly after. A senior partner relations manager at Unity has been fired following a tweet critising an exec at the company. This comes shortly after Unity laid off roughly 8% of its total workforce earlier this month. The tweet in question states: “A Unity exec just shared that they rent a secondary apt in SF to make it easier to be in the office- maybe we should all just do this to make it easier to RTO? This company has lost it. Completely out of touch.”…

pingu-meets-elden-ring-thanks-to-this-fan-made-unity-project VG247

Pingu meets Elden Ring thanks to this fan-made Unity project

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. One bored Unity developer decided to create a Pingu x Elden Ring project just for fun. Remember Pingu? The kids claymation program that was on TV years ago, where the lovable penguin Pingu went out his daily life eating fish and getting yelled at by his dad? Thanks to the work of one Unity developer – Adrian Mendez – Pingu has found a new home far from the arctic as a boss in an Elden Ring inspired project uploaded to…

unity-rejects-applovin’s-$17.5b-takeover-offer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Unity rejects AppLovin’s $17.5b takeover offer

Unity Software have chosen to reject a $17.54 billion (£14.58 billion) all-stock takeover offer from mobile gaming technology company AppLovin to instead pursue their own planned merger with AppLovin’s rival ironSource. Unity’s board of directors unanimously cast aside the AppLovin offer, which hadn’t been sought by the game engine company, after a “thorough financial and strategic evaluation”. The board has recommended that shareholders vote against AppLovin’s offer. Read more

unity-really-stuck-their-foot-in-it-this-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Unity really stuck their foot in it this week

Earlier this week, Unity announced they were merging with mobile ads company ironSource, who are arguably best known for developing a malware installer in 2015. Unsurprisingly, game developers were not pleased. If that wasn’t enough, however, Unity CEO John Riccitiello was interviewed by PocketGamer.biz on Wednesday, wherein he called developers who failed to plan monetisation strategies when creating their games were “some of the biggest fucking idiots”. Oh dear. Read more

unity-buying-skin-sim-tech-company-for-fancy-faces-and-flappy-flesh Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Unity buying skin sim tech company for fancy faces and flappy flesh

Two months after announcing they’re buying Weta Digital, the CGI studio behind King Of The Hoops and that, Unity are now buying virtual skin. Today the makers of the Unity engine announced the acquisition of Ziva Dynamics, a company whose tech specialises in simulating skin and meat to make fancy facial animations and meaty muscle and such. Their tech powered the flappy flesh of the troll in a recent Hellblade 2 trailer, and has been seen on PlayStations in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Read more