deltarune-chapter-2-launched-for-free-because-the-world-is-tough-enough Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Deltarune Chapter 2 launched for free because the world is tough enough

Unlike the cheeky surprise release of its first free chapter back in 2018, we got a warning about Deltarune Chapter 2. It’s out now, also free, because creator Toby Fox says the world has been tough enough lately. The not-a-sequel-or-prequel-but-sort-of-related game to Fox’s hit RPG Undertale is still a work in progress, but the newest chunk of story should hopefully keep fans busy chatting and hunting for secrets for a while yet. It may indeed be a while, once again. Fox plans to release chapters three through five as a paid release when they’re finished but even he doesn’t know…

undertale-comes-to-xbox-game-pass-on-consoles-tomorrow VG247

Undertale comes to Xbox Game Pass on consoles tomorrow

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 15 March 2021 18:03 GMT Microsoft has announced that the indie PC classic, Undertale, is finally coming Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles. And it’s coming Xbox Game Pass on day one, too.It’s certainly been a big day for Xbox announcements; as well as the confirmation that five classic Bethesda titles are getting FPS Boost, we’ve also heard that Outriders is launching into Xbox Game Pass on launch day, too.Now, Microsoft has announced that Undertale is officially heading to Xbox consoles on March 16, 2021. That’s tomorrow if you’re struggling to keep up. The game will…