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EA removes in-game ads from UFC 4

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 6 September 2020 11:03 GMT EA has removed controversial in-game adverts from UFC 4 after criticism of the ads went viral earlier this week.UFC 4, which released on August 14, sparked backlash when players started noticing ads for Amazon TV show The Boys playing at the beginning and end of replays in the game.UFC 4 is a full-price title, and it stands to reason that players don’t want to be served ads in a game they’ve paid a premium for in the first place. EA has noted the unanimously negative feedback and has removed ad integration…

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UFC 4 career mode interview – coming out of the cage and it’s been doing just fine

We got the chance to sit down with Brian Hayes, creative director behind UFC 4, to talk all about career mode and the quality of life changes coming to EA Vancouver’s MMA sequel. Here’s the interview in full: What differentiates the career mode of this one to the previous UFC games?Brian Hayes: The biggest difference between career mode on UFC 4 and previous ones is really the non-linearity, or the unscripted nature of the journey you can have. So, that was a lot of the feedback that we got on previous iterations was that it was pretty much: fight to…

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UFC 4 is “either one or two frames more responsive than” previous games

EA Vancouver has reworked the standup to give it more pop in UFC 4. The UFC games have always been good, but the sense of raw power has always been missing from the standup game – the twist of the hips transferring into an outstretched fist smashing against jawbone isn’t easy to capture in a sim. Luckily, the animations and underlying systems have been reworked for this sequel to lend those hands more weight.“One of the biggest things that we’ve changed in relation to stand-up is actually a change of the entire control scheme,” creative director Brian Hayes explained in…