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RPS Time Capsule: the games worth saving from 2003

Welcome back to another RPS Time Capsule. I will age a thousand years by writing this next sentence, but today we’re casting our minds back to twenty years ago, excavating our personal favourite games from the actually quite good year of 2003. Yep, instant wrinkles like I’ve just been caught in a Death Stranding rain shower. I better finish this introduction quickly before I disintegrate to a pile of dust – much like all the other games from this year that didn’t make it into this year’s Time Capsule. Come and find out which ones we’ve decided to save below….

the-division-heartland-gameplay-details-and-opening-cinematic-shared-by-ubisoft VG247

The Division Heartland gameplay details and opening cinematic shared by Ubisoft

Dive into the story as Mackenzie Reed tries to track down her former commander. Ubisoft has announced new gameplay details for The Division Heartland, the standalone, survival-action multiplayer shooter announced in 2021. Originally set to release on PC and consoles in 2021-2022, the game takes place in a new setting, providing a new perspective on the world. Give this developer deep dive on The Division Heartland a watch. Heartland takes players to Silver Creek, a once pleasant town in the American Midwest, left in ruins following the spread of the Dollar Flu. This is a hostile environment filled with contamination,…

ubisoft+-multi-access-now-available-on-xbox-consoles VG247

Ubisoft+ Multi Access now available on Xbox consoles

Today, Ubisoft has announced its subscription service, Ubisoft+, is now available on Xbox consoles through the multi-platform model, Ubisoft+ Multi Access. Ubisoft+ Multi Access provides the ability to play across multiple platforms with a single subscription, including PC through Ubisoft Connect, Amazon Lunaa, and now Xbox. Ubisoft+ has come to Xbox consoles. Ubisoft+ features a growing library of titles from the company, including the latest releases on day one, DLC, and classic games. You also receive 10% off on any in-game currency purchases once you become a subscriber. With a subscription, you can link your Xbox account to Ubisoft+ Multi…

ubisoft’s-arena-shooter-xdefiant-needs-to-do-more-to-stand-out-from-the-crowd Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Ubisoft’s arena shooter XDefiant needs to do more to stand out from the crowd

After two hours of XDefiant, I came away with a rather different thought in my mind than I expected. More than anything, I was impressed at just how good we have it in the multiplayer FPS genre at the moment. Apex Legends, Warzone 2, Overwatch 2, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege. That’s some unbelievably tough competition. XDefiant has to either give players something completely different, or absolutely nail the basics. It’s opted for the second path, and having played several matches against a medley of press people and content creators, I’m not convinced Ubisoft’s new arena shooter is up to the…

ubisoft-to-host-live-ubisoft-forward-presentation-instead-of-attending-e3-2023 VG247

Ubisoft to host live Ubisoft Forward presentation instead of attending E3 2023

No showfloor spectacular from Ubi this year. Ubisoft has announced it will skip E3 this year and host its own presentation. The company today revealed it will host one of its Ubisoft Forward streams on June 12 live from Los Angeles. More information on the showcase is expected at a later date. Ubisoft had originally planned to attend E3, but told VGC it had decided to “move in a different direction.” The last Ubisoft Forward presentation took place back in September 2022, during which it announced that Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell writer Clint Hocking is leading development on…

ubisoft-says-its-ghostwriter-ai-program-will-not-replace-game-writers VG247

Ubisoft says its Ghostwriter AI program will not replace game writers

It was created to ease the workload, apparently. Ubisoft caused quite a stir this week when it announced a new AI scriptwriting tool it said would assist game writers with creating dialogue for NPCs. Created by Ubisoft’s R&D department, Ghostwriter, as it’s called, isn’t meant to replace writers, according to the company. According to the company, with games growing larger in scope, writers are finding it more challenging to create varied and interesting NPCs; because of this, Ubisoft created the program to help alleviate the burden. “Ghostwriter isn’t replacing the video game writer, but instead, alleviating one of the video…

ubisoft-unveil-ai-dialogue-writing-tool,-prompting-debate-among-developers Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Ubisoft unveil AI dialogue-writing tool, prompting debate among developers

Ubisoft revealed Ghostwriter yesterday, marketed as an AI development tool (really just machine learning) that generates first drafts of NPC barks, which are the offhand remarks you might hear when running past NPCs. Skyrim’s “I used to be an adventurer like you” is probably the most famous example of a bark. Ubisoft Ghostwriter has been met with passionately negative responses from some narrative designers, while others have been arguing for its use cases. Read more

please,-nintendo,-let-mario-take-on-more-mature-genres VG247

Please, Nintendo, let Mario take on more mature genres

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope has reminded us of all the potential out there for the Mario franchise outside well-trodden sports games and safe spinoffs. I find it virtually impossible to get mad at Mario games. The fact they’re pretty good most of the time definitely helps, and even when the franchise is running in circles, the final products never fail to put a smile on my face. Nintendo truly cares about the quality of its most famous IP, and the spinoffs other studios put out. But what about taking risks? That’s a different story altogether. Ever wanted to…

20-years-ago,-prince-of-persia:-sands-of-time-proved-we-don’t-need-remakes VG247

20 years ago, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time proved we don’t need remakes

Rewinding back to a time when reboots were good, and necessary, and different. No no no, that’s not what happened. The idea of an entire story told in flashback has been used many times in cinema and books, definitely less so in games. But there are many ways to tell a story, so even the wrong ones might be considered. What about if the story takes a sudden turn and the main character dies? Well, he would have no other choice than to interrupt the flashback, break the fourth wall by talking directly to us and wind the story back…

2023’s-olympic-esports-series-will-feature-just-dance,-gran-turismo,-and-zwift Rock,Paper,Shotgun

2023’s Olympic Esports Series will feature Just Dance, Gran Turismo, and Zwift

Congratulations to us! Games have now been recognised as a ‘real’ sport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the organisation have announced that qualifications begin today for their Olympics Esports Series 2023. The IOC say “the four day-festival will showcase the very best of virtual sports,” featuring esports titans such as Just Dance and Zwift. Read more

never-mind-the-arkhamverse,-the-only-good-batman-game-is-assassin’s-creed-2 VG247

Never mind the Arkhamverse, the only good Batman game is Assassin’s Creed 2

Suicide Squad’s descent into live-service hell only accelerates an inevitable process of diminishing returns. So, the long awaited next foray into the Arkhamverse, Suicide Squad, looks like a pretty miserable experience from what we’ve seen so far. A screenshot doing the rounds on Twitter puts the spotlight on a dreary looking set of stat modifiers that reads like a tech manual for transistors. The fact that it’s a live-service looter shooter with no true single-player mode (‘co-op with bots’ doesn’t count), and the horrifying red flag of requiring a constant internet connection to run, shows just how far Rocksteady has…

assassin’s-creed-valhalla’s-final-update-is-here VG247

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s final update is here

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has now received its final update, named Title Update 1.7.0. The final patch for the game went live at 12pm GMT / 7am EDT / 4am PDT today, February 21, across all platforms, and will squash a final few remaining bugs for players. Assassin’s Creed Mirage: An AC1 tribute – not remake – with Unity at its core. What exactly has been addressed in this ultimate Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update? Well, don’t get your hopes up for anything too exciting or game-changing. Basic bugs across the gane’s world, armory, and inventory have been addressed. River Raids now…

far-cry-6-is-free-to-play-this-weekend-on-consoles-and-pc VG247

Far Cry 6 is free to play this weekend on consoles and PC

You get access to the full game. Far Cry 6 is available to play for free this weekend on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. PC users can try the game out through the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store. New players will have access to the full game, including the crossover missions, Rambo: All the Blood, and The Vanishing, a Stranger Things mystery. Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds Announcement Trailer During the free weekend, if you participate in co-op, you will automatically get the White Lotus Sniper Rifle as a reward. If you purchase the game, your progress will…

as-live-service-games-shut-down,-ubisoft-has-quietly-been-running-one-of-the-best-for-years VG247

As live service games shut down, Ubisoft has quietly been running one of the best for years

Despite Ubisoft’s many missteps, some of its online games have been hitting home runs consistently, and For Honor may well be the most overlooked. Flashback to six years ago and For Honor, the fresh new IP from Ubisoft, has just debuted to mostly good – but not glowing – reviews. Its proposal, competitive medieval melees, is attractive enough, mainly due to its unique combat system, but the server infrastructure is wonky at best and the mainstream appeal isn’t there. Many gamers who haven’t even touched it deem it as Dead On Arrival. Why are all the games dying? Let us…

the-crew:-motorfest-takes-you-to-the-hawaiian-island-of-oahu VG247

The Crew: Motorfest takes you to the Hawaiian island of Oahu

Much cheaper than a plane ticket. The next installment in Ubisoft’s racing franchise has been announced. It’s titled The Crew: Motorfest. Developed by Ubisoft Ivory Tower, the game promises tailor-made races, themed events, and plenty of challenges. Join a one-of-a-kind festival and the best experiences car culture has to offer in a Hawaiian open world. Set on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, you will race through the streets of Honolulu, drive down ashy volcano slopes, explore the rainforest, tackle curvy mountain roads, aven even take to the beach. You can explore the entire island in one of hundereds of vehicles,…