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watch-dogs-legion-used-real-political-podcasters-to-deliver-in-game-talk-radio Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Watch Dogs Legion used real political podcasters to deliver in-game talk radio

Watch Dogs Legion may be set in future London but it’s not short on contemporary celebrity cameos. Ubisoft themselves announced before launch that you can find Stormzy in Watch Dogs Legion, but players have now spotted another cameo collection. Political podcast “Oh God, What Now?” have provided their writing and voices to some political analysis over the radio in Legion. (more…)

watch-dogs-legion-will-let-you-recruit-a-deadly-beekeeper Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Watch Dogs Legion will let you recruit a deadly beekeeper

It seems like one of the best parts of Watch Dogs Legion‘s whole “play as anyone” thing will be all the wacky different kinds of NPCs you’re able to sign on. In a new video, Ubisoft show off a recruitment mission in which DedSec agents help out a beekeeper. Why the heck would you want a beekeeper on your squad? They can shoot out a swarm of nanobees that blast enemies with an electrical discharge, obviously. (more…)