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Far Cry 6 is free to play this weekend

If you were looking to shoot random goons in the head, while experiencing something 100%, absolutely, definitely political, Ubisoft have got you covered. You can play the full version of Far Cry 6 for free from the March 24th to the 27th. It’ll be available through the Epic Games or Ubisoft store, with pre-loads already open on both – and if you decide to buy the full thing all of your progress will carry over. Read more

ubisoft-developers-are-leaving-the-company-in-droves-–-report VG247

Ubisoft developers are leaving the company in droves – report

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. “The Great Exodus” at Ubisoft is having big consequences for the game company. Axios reports that “The Great Resignation” is hitting game publisher and developer Ubisoft hard in what is internally known as “The Great Exodus” as wave after wave of resignations are hindering its ability to function. Talent from the top of the chain is leaking out of the company at an alarming rate, with five of the top 25 people who worked on Far Cry 6 leaving, as…

ubisoft-announces-splinter-cell-remake-from-far-cry-6-studio VG247

Ubisoft announces Splinter Cell remake from Far Cry 6 studio

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The game will use the in-house Snowdrop engine. Ubisoft announced that Ubisoft Toronto is working on a remake of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell using the Snowdrop engine, which is also being used for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and Ubisoft’s Star Wars game. The company posted a look back at Splinter Cell history as well as a lengthy interview with three key members of the team responsible for bringing back Sam Fisher. “To me, a remake takes what you’d do in…

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Ubisoft have stealth announced a Splinter Cell Remake

After eight years of radio silence, Ubisoft are finally bringing Sam Fisher in from the cold, as they’ve just announced a remake of the original Splinter Cell. In keeping with the series’ stealth roots, the game was announced with little to no fanfare this evening via a blog post, with Ubisoft declaring its existence along with some developer chat before scampering back into the shadows. Typical. Read more

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Far Cry 6 secret ending

Want to know how to get the secret ending in Far Cry 6? If you’ve played previous entries in Ubisoft’s long-running open-world FPS series, you’ll likely have come to expect a secret ending somewhere early on. But fittingly for a game of this scale, in Far Cry 6 the secret ending comes not right at the very beginning, but a few hours into the game once everything starts to open up. Keep reading to learn exactly what to do to unlock Far Cry 6’s secret ending. Read more

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Far Cry 6 Supremos: how to unlock all 7 Supremo backpacks and their special abilities

Want to know about Supremos and their special abilities in Far Cry 6? Supremos are among the most powerful pieces of equipment you can find in Far Cry 6. Not only do they allow you to use throwable gadgets like grenades and throwing knives, but they also give you access to some very powerful special abilities. But not all the Supremos are easy to get your hands on. Below we’ll talk about each of the seven Supremo backpacks in Far Cry 6, how to get them, and the special abilities each one unlocks. Keep an eye out in particular for…

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Watch Dogs Legion used real political podcasters to deliver in-game talk radio

Watch Dogs Legion may be set in future London but it’s not short on contemporary celebrity cameos. Ubisoft themselves announced before launch that you can find Stormzy in Watch Dogs Legion, but players have now spotted another cameo collection. Political podcast “Oh God, What Now?” have provided their writing and voices to some political analysis over the radio in Legion. (more…)

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Watch Dogs Legion will let you recruit a deadly beekeeper

It seems like one of the best parts of Watch Dogs Legion‘s whole “play as anyone” thing will be all the wacky different kinds of NPCs you’re able to sign on. In a new video, Ubisoft show off a recruitment mission in which DedSec agents help out a beekeeper. Why the heck would you want a beekeeper on your squad? They can shoot out a swarm of nanobees that blast enemies with an electrical discharge, obviously. (more…)