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Two Point Campus ventures into the metaphysical with new DLC

School overrun by Hants? Who ya gonna call? Your friendly janitor, of course. Fresh DLC will be available for Two Point Campus next week, offering a new course for students interested in otherworldly pursuits. Titled School Spirits, the DLC takes students to Lifeless Estate, where they will find a mansion teaming with the afterlife. They will also find that the heiress of the estate remains long after death, and instead of rattling chains in the night, she offers two lively new courses of study: however, there is more to the grand manor than just learning; here, students will encounter spirited…

two-point-campus-is-free-to-play-on-steam-now-through-february-13,-valentine’s-update-drops VG247

Two Point Campus is free to play on Steam now through February 13, Valentine’s update drops

Celebrate the day of love early by playing a really fun management game. Two Point Campus is not only free to play on Steam over the weekend, but new Valentine’s content is also available for the game. The new content includes a new challenge mode level and a collection of items and decorations. Free Valentine’s Day update now available for Two Point Campus There are balloons, a new vase, a duvet, and a tunnel of love. Cupid will also visit your campus, and if impressed with your work, they will leave behind Love Bombs to put your students in a…

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The RPS Selection Box: Ed’s bonus games of the year 2022

Maybe I hadn’t looked hard enough, but I played a lot of games this year which ended up being a bit naff or totally fine. All of my top picks made it into the Advent Calendar, so that’s good! But otherwise, I didn’t have to think too hard as to what I’d shout out here. Hope you’re having the merriest of Christmases and catch you for – hopefully – a big 2023 filled with big games. Read more

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Two Point Campus is set to receive mod support, beta coming soon

The latest Two Point title is taking strides that it’s predecessor didn’t, and I’m glad. Announced just last night via a blog post to Two Point County, it’s been revealed that Two Point Campus will soon be receiving mod support. The sequel to Two Point Hospital, the academic management simulator is already a huge improvement on its predecessor, as noted in my Two Point Campus review. With that in mind, seeing that Two Point Campus will support mods “very soon” made me feel a little glee. What is already a fun game as it is, constantly poking fun at the…

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Two Point Campus review: A zany management sim that lovingly develops its predecessors’ legacy

It appears Two Point Studios may have taken a class or two in Funny Business. If you’ve ever had the insatiable urge to run your own college campus full of scientists, clowns, or even medieval knights, Two Point Campus finally grants you the ability. In typical management simulation fashion, you are the omnipotent being reining over various campuses and determining the fate of hundreds of students. While this may seem like a lot of pressure – keeping everyone happy and students’ grades high – Two Point Campus strikes a perfect balance; it’s easy to pick up and play, while incredibly…

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Chaotic Two Point Campus prospectus shown off in brand new trailer

The academic year is just around the corner. The eagerly anticipated sequel to Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus, has just shared a brand-new trailer showcasing the prospectus for the academic year. In the realm of Two Point Campus, this’ll be August 9, when the game launches. Two Point Campus is a management sim which gives you God-like reign over various schools with different goals at heart. You won’t be limited to the likes of Science or Mathematics, however, with schools of wizardry and clowning around that need managing too. Catch the new trailer for Two Point Campus here! In…

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Two Point Campus students will learn the art of potions, spells, and general wizardry this August

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Salaca doo la menthicka boo la bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. University management sim Two Point Campus will introduce witchcraft and wizardry to its students when it releases in August. In Wizardry class, students will be able to brew potions, divine the future using a crystal ball, or end up getting a pumpkin for a head – likely due to some form of spell mishap. You will need to make sure your students study properly and hone their skills in the Spellroom to compete…

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Two Point Campus repeating a term, delayed to August

The follow-up to unofficial Theme Hospital remake Two Point Hospital has been delayed by three months, publishers Sega announced today. University-building management game Two Point Campus had been due to arrive on the 17th of May, now it’s pushed back to August 9th. To help tide you over, a new trailer has a few peeks at the game and some chat from people making it. Read more

sonic-is-now-in-two-point-hospital,-but-sadly-there-is-no-cure Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sonic is now in Two Point Hospital, but sadly there is no cure

The only good Sonic game is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, a fun kart racer which also featured tracks and characters from other Sega games. On PC, that included the unlikely mashup of a Total War shogunate and Football Manager’s Manager Man. I am therefore here for the similarly unlikely mashup of Sonic and Two Point Hospital, a free pack for the hospital management sim that lets you dress your staff as Sonic, Amy, Tails and Knuckles and pepper your hallway with Sonic statues. Watch the trailer below. Read more

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Have You Played… Two Point Hospital?

Like many, Theme Hospital was a mainstay of my middle childhood. Bullfrog’s appreciably wacky approach to a hospital management sim has ensured that, to this day, management sims are one of the only strategy-adjacent sort of strategy games that I really enjoy. And a few years ago, a new stuidio emerged to take up that odd torch, providing us with Two Point Hospital. Read more

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Two Point Hospital follow-up Two Point Campus leaked

By Sherif Saed 31 May 2021 11:20 GMT Two Point Campus is the next game from the team behind Two Point Hospital.The Microsoft Store has done it again. This week’s fresh leak is Two Point Campus, the new project from Two Point Studios, the developer of Two Point Hospital.Watch on YouTubeTwo Point Campus’ Microsoft Store page went up earlier this morning, seemingly ahead of a full announcement. As is often the case with Microsoft Store leaks, the page is fairly well-fleshed out with gameplay details, platforms and even a few screenshots. The upcoming game does not yet have a release…

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Two Point Hospital is getting a Jumbo Edition for consoles

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 19 January 2021 20:08 GMT A new edition for Two Point Hospital is coming to consoles.Two Point Hospital Jumbo Edition has been announced for consoles. It comes with the game bundled with the updates R.E.M.I.X. 1 and 2, and Room Templates. Also included are the expansions Off the Grid and Close Encounters. It also comes with the Exhibition Items and Retro Items Packs. The Two Point Hospital: Console Edition, which was previously released, included the expansions Pebberley Island and Bigfoot. The Jumbo Edition will include these expansions as well when it releases on March 5.You will…

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Two Point Hospital is free to play on Steam this weekend

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 28 August 2020 15:29 GMT Two Point Hospital is celebrating its two-year anniversary by offering a free weekend on Steam.Along with being able to play Two Point Hospital on Steam for free, the hospital management sim is also on sale.The free weekend runs until August 30, and during this period, you can buy the base game for 70% off and receive up to 50% discount for the four Two Point Hospital expansions, Item Packs and the official soundtrack.The Steam sale will end on Monday, August 31.In the game, you will build various hospitals located in Two…