why-was-alphari-benched?-team-liquid-reveal-real-reason-for-benching-lcs-top-laner ESports News UK

Why was Alphari benched? Team Liquid reveal real reason for benching LCS top-laner

North American esports organisation Team Liquid have published a statement explaining why their UK League of Legends top-laner, Barney ‘Alphari’ Morris, was benched last weekend. They confirmed that Thomas ‘Jenkins’ Tran – who subbed in for Alphari after Liquid lost their first match last week – would also be playing in week two of the LCS Summer 2021 Season. “Last week Alphari was benched for performance and attitude reasons, which were concerns that started during the practice leading to Summer Split,” the org said in a tweet. Continue reading Why was Alphari benched? Team Liquid reveal real reason for benching…

wholesome-games-respond-to-backlash-in-the-classiest-way Twitch

Wholesome Games Respond To Backlash In The Classiest Way

Wholesome Games is a gaming community, focused around a Twitter account, that brings attention to gorgeous, sweet, friendly games, for no reason other than the sheer joy of it. So of course, after they recently announced a second, higher profile Wholesome Direct showcase for this weekend, June 12, some miserable people did their best to spoil it.

tonight,-the-internet-broke Twitch

Tonight, The Internet Broke

It’s not just you or the sites you visit. A huge part of the internet went down earlier tonight, and everything from entertainment providers to video services to news sites was impacted.

twitch-streamer-banned-twice-in-two-days-for-harassing-himself,-somehow Twitch

Twitch Streamer Banned Twice In Two Days For Harassing Himself, Somehow

It might be an understatement to say that popular Minecraft YouTuber and streamer George “GeorgeNotFound’’ Davidson had a weird weekend. Within two days, he got banned from Twitch, possibly un-banned, definitely banned again, and unbanned (again?). Why? “Harassment via username,” according to Twitch. Problem is, the only person he could have possibly been harassing was himself.

bloodborne-psx-is-an-impressive-fan-made-ps1-‘demake’-of-bloodborne VG247

Bloodborne PSX is an impressive fan-made PS1 ‘demake’ of Bloodborne

Ever wanted to see what hit hardcore action-RPG Bloodborne would look like as a PlayStation title? Well, you’re in luck.Bloodborne PSX is a project that’s being developed by Lilith Walther, and is effectively a demake of the massively popular From Software title that many gamers fell in love with at launch back in 2015.You can see some snapshots of the Unreal Engine project over on Twitter (thanks, The Gamer). In various tweets on the developer’s @b0tster account, you can see elements of the game in action and read up on the development history of the project so far. For todays…

you-can-play-a-crowd-controlled-version-of-pokemon-red-through-a-twitter-avatar VG247

You can play a crowd-controlled version of Pokemon Red through a Twitter avatar

Programmer Constantin Liétard has worked some technical magic and created a script that updates a Twitter account every 15 seconds so users can play Pokemon Red.Constantin Liétard, a 3D Programmer working over at Gameloft Montreal, has managed to create the next big thing when it comes to unconventional Pokemon Red runs.Liétard posted an announcement to Twitter via his account, Screenshakes, telling people that they can play through Game Freak’s first generation game by replying to his pinned tweet with comments such as “A” and “Start”. The inputs will be read, and Twitter users will be able to control the game…

familiars-packs-a-full-featured-pokemon-clone-into-a-single-tweet Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Familiars packs a full-featured Pokemon clone into a single Tweet

When you spend half your day glued to Twitter, you get used to the occasional double- or triple-take. But I don’t think anything’s ever made me stop and shout as much as stumbling upon Familiars – a browser-based monster-catching MMO that developer Loam has somehow managed to cram into a video embed, letting you embark on an honest-to-god online RPG without ever leaving Twitter. (more…)

apex-legends-most-popular-characters-have-been-revealed VG247

Apex Legends most popular characters have been revealed

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 29 November 2020 15:58 GMT Respawn has shared a little bit of data with us this weekend that lifts the lid of which characters get chosen the most in the on-going battle royale game Apex Legends.Earlier in the week, Respawn put out a tweet that asked players to guess which playable Apex Legends characters enjoyed the highest pick rate in the title.Moreover, the developer tasked players with ranking which Legends they thought were more popular, on a scale of 1-5. Despite the developer’s insistence, it would get back to curious players within the hour, the studio…

i-adore-every-last-one-of-low-poly-animals’-tragically-blocky-critters Rock,Paper,Shotgun

I adore every last one of Low Poly Animals’ tragically blocky critters

Say what you want about modern games, but they’ve gotten pretty good at rendering fauna. If Red Dead Redemption 2 wants to show you a goose, it’ll damn well show you a goose. Last month, a new Twitter account popped up to remind us that this is a fairly recent development, cataloguing the smart, strange, and downright cursed wildlife created in the name of saving a few dozen polygons. (more…)