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destructive-heist-sim-teardown-adds-free-mini-campaign-of-art-crimes Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Destructive heist sim Teardown adds free mini-campaign of art crimes

The excellent wall-demolishing heist sim Teardown today launched a free update adding a new mini-campaign starring the original character’s daughter. Across five new missions, she’s out to get revenge on an artist by raiding a modern art museum in a scenic seaside village. New crimes, new crimetools, and a new crimeplace? I thought I had retired but you got me: I’m in. Read more

lord-of-the-rings,-killing-floor-and-more-gobbled-up-by-embracer-group VG247

Lord of the Rings, Killing Floor and more gobbled up by Embracer Group

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The industry ultra conglomerate will now be able create new projects in Middle Earth. Embracer Group, known for an ever-growing collection of video game studios and IP, has swallowed up even more as news that Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth has now fallen under the Embracer umbrella. This means that any new games, television shows, or other types of media that release within Tolkien’s world will do so under the giant burning eye of Embracer Group. The higher…

heist-sim-teardown-smashes-out-of-early-access-this-month Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Heist sim Teardown smashes out of early access this month

The excellent destructive sandbox heist game Teardown is winding up to leave early access and launch in full, today announcing a version 1.0 release date of April 21st. Teardown’s a cracking game, about carefully poking holes in destructible environments to prepare for a madcap high-speed heist once an alarm’s triggered. I’m excited for it to be done. For now, check out a new trailer show off some of the newness they’ve added across early access. Read more

Teardown crashes into early access later this month

Now here’s some properly “breaking” news. Dennis Gustafsson’s delightfully destructive smash ‘n’ grab Teardown finally has a release date, and will be breaking its way onto Steam’s shelves by the end of the month. After all, what better way to roll into the end of 2020 than smashing it all into tiny, satisfying voxel chunks? (more…)