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Back 4 Blood devs planning to dial difficulty back down

“Sometimes a bit of difficulty can add a lot of replayability, but as of right now there are issues and bugs we’ve encountered in development that are making it far more difficult than intended,” Back 4 Blood developers Turtle Rock Studios have said. The Left 4 Dead-style monster-mashing has become notably more difficult following the big November update, with undesireable consequences, and they laid out plans to remedy it. Read more

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Back 4 Blood lays out content roadmap including a new co-op mode

The problem with coming Back 4 Blood is that soon you’ll want more blood, and more blood. Thankfully, Left 4 Dead creators Turtle Rock have detailed more of the post-launch plans for their new zombie-smashing shooter, laying out the content roadmap for the next few months and into next year. Before paid expansions start rolling in 2022, this year we should expect to see new free stuff including a solo offline mode with progression, a new card type, new cards, and more. Read more

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The best Back 4 Blood Hoffman build

Want to know the best build for Hoffman in Back 4 Blood? Hoffman is one of the best characters in Back 4 Blood, as he has a chance to find ammo when he kills Ridden, whilst also increasing the team’s max ammo capacity by 10%. As a bonus, he also carries an extra grenade so that you can make more zombies go boom. This guide will show you everything you need to know to make the best Hoffman build in Back 4 Blood. However, don’t expect to play as Hoffman straight away. You’ll need to actually unlock all of the…

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Back 4 Blood tips: unlocking Prepper Stash doors, sharing ammo, Supply Point farming and healing trauma

Back 4 Blood may give off Left 4 Dead vibes, but it’s a much more mechanically complex game. Back 4 Blood is here, and we’ve been playing it. Whether you’re getting some serious Left 4 Dead vibes from this one – hoping it would bring back your old gnome run squad, or you’re approaching it with few expectations – there’s a fun co-op game with solid mechanics and interesting level design to be enjoyed here. For as many tutorials and helpful prompts as Back 4 Blood has, it doesn’t always do a good job of explaining some of its systems….

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Back 4 Blood players a bit miffed over lack of single-player progression, but changes may be coming

Back 4 Blood devs are looking into ways to address the issue. Turtle Rock is discussing how to address the lack of progression in Back 4 Blood’s solo mode. As noted on reddit, players who have early access to the game have noticed that when playing in single-player with bots, there isn’t a way to receive rewards unless playing online with at least one other player. In other words, solo mode players won’t earn supply points, which can be spent on cards, which is a main feature of the game. Instead, solo players have to use solo decks which are…

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Back 4 Blood Special Ridden and how to fight them

Back 4 Blood’s open beta has brought four special infected to the party, which the game refers to as Special Ridden. Each of these zombies have unique abilities that you will need to look out for to survive, especially on Veteran and Nightmare difficulty. If you’re not sure what the Special Ridden do or how to deal with them you’ve come to the right place. This is our guide to the Special Ridden in Back 4 Blood. Read more

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Turtle Rock answers Back 4 Blood community questions

Back 4 Blood is looking really strong, so we wanted to know more.Last week’s Back 4 Blood closed beta has been a big hit among my group of friends. We’re not alone in this, either, as nearly 100,000 players logged in to play at the same time on Steam at its peak. That record has already been broken by the open beta, live now.I was particularly impressed with the depth the deck building system brings to Back 4 Blood. It elevates the game from a simple, good co-op shooter you enjoy playing, to one you’re going to be thinking about…

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Back 4 Blood Supply Lines, cards, and decks explained

The Back 4 Blood open beta has finally arrived and with it the unique new card system. Cards are one of the biggest elements that set Back 4 Blood apart from its spiritual predecessor, Left 4 Dead. However, the beta provides a pretty limited explanation of how cards and Supply Lines work. If you’re looking to learn the system and build the best deck to take on Nightmare mode, look no further than our guide to Back 4 Blood Supply Lines and cards. Read more

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How Turtle Rock Studios are reinventing the zombie co-op shooter in Back 4 Blood

There’s a type of Special Ridden in Back 4 Blood called a Sleeper. It’s a torso encased in a fleshy pod which, in the Freudian nightmare of my brain, is kind of part-barnacle, part-vagina dentata. The Sleeper will launch at you without warning, trapping you and ripping with teeth and claws to do serious damage. The first time I was ambushed by one I swore with such depth and vehemence that it shocked the colleagues I was playing with, including my actual boss. “That’s because you were off on your own, and you weren’t watching your corners,” says Brandon Yanez,…

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Back 4 Blood’s PvP Versus mode has too many hiding places for humans

I had a grand old time blasting through the open beta of Back 4 Blood‘s campaign mode earlier this week, and I’m pretty sure everyone from Left 4 Dead diehards to complete newbies like myself will have an equally fun romp with it when the open beta starts for real on August 12th. What I’m less confident about, though, is whether people will be saying the same thing about the game’s PvP Versus mode, which will also be available to try in the open beta when it comes out next week. Due to some technical difficulties during our hands-on preview…

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Back 4 Blood: release date, pre-orders, crossplay, gameplay, and more

Back 4 Blood isn’t a part of the Left 4 Dead series, though it might seem like it. Two zombie-based 4v4 multiplayer games with Turtle Rock-style gunslinging action? Why would it be anything different? Well, even though it might seem the same at a glance, Back 4 Blood’s fresh new features separate it from its predecessor.Turtle Rock Studios calls it a spiritual successor. The inspirations are obvious, and it’s almost everything one would expect in a Left 4 Dead sequel besides the name. A parasite called the Devil Worm has infected most of humanity. The Ridden (basically zombies) have disrupted…

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Back 4 Blood’s colourful cast of characters (and monsters) take centre stage in new trailer

By Sherif Saed 20 May 2021 14:01 GMT Back 4 Blood looks to be giving its heroes a lot of character, and unique abilities.Although it is a four-player co-op game, inspired by Turtle Rock’s earlier work on Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood‘s cast of playable heroes is comprised of double that – eight!Watch on YouTubeThe developer today unveiled a new trailer that introduces us to all eight survivors. Back 4 Blood calls its zombie hunters The Cleaners, who got together to rid the world of the Ridden – the game’s zombies – block by block. The characters are of…

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Left 4 Dead spiritual sequel Back 4 Blood delayed

Alas, we’ll have to wait an extra four months for the new cooperative zombie-smashing shooter from Left 4 Dead creators Turtle Rock Studios. They announced today that Back 4 Blood‘s release is delayed from the June 22nd to October 12th. Making something huge and complicated is tricky during a global pandemic, y’know. But on the bright side, we will get to play some part of Back 4 Blood this summer in an open beta test. Read more

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Left 4 Dead-alike Back 4 Blood shambles into closed alpha

I’m sure we all have our fond memories of playing through Left 4 Dead and its brilliant sequel. But fun as they are, there’s no hiding the pair are getting on a bit, and it’s time enough something stepped in to carry on that co-op carnage*. Fortunately, Turtle Rock’s own Back 4 Blood entered closed alpha today, and while it’s not Left 4 Dead 3 by name, early reports suggest the devs have delivered a rock-solid successor to Bill and the gang’s zombie-smashing classic. (more…)