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Back 4 Blood’s PvP Versus mode has too many hiding places for humans

I had a grand old time blasting through the open beta of Back 4 Blood‘s campaign mode earlier this week, and I’m pretty sure everyone from Left 4 Dead diehards to complete newbies like myself will have an equally fun romp with it when the open beta starts for real on August 12th. What I’m less confident about, though, is whether people will be saying the same thing about the game’s PvP Versus mode, which will also be available to try in the open beta when it comes out next week. Due to some technical difficulties during our hands-on preview…

back-4-blood:-release-date,-pre-orders,-crossplay,-gameplay,-and-more VG247

Back 4 Blood: release date, pre-orders, crossplay, gameplay, and more

Back 4 Blood isn’t a part of the Left 4 Dead series, though it might seem like it. Two zombie-based 4v4 multiplayer games with Turtle Rock-style gunslinging action? Why would it be anything different? Well, even though it might seem the same at a glance, Back 4 Blood’s fresh new features separate it from its predecessor.Turtle Rock Studios calls it a spiritual successor. The inspirations are obvious, and it’s almost everything one would expect in a Left 4 Dead sequel besides the name. A parasite called the Devil Worm has infected most of humanity. The Ridden (basically zombies) have disrupted…

back-4-blood’s-colourful-cast-of-characters-(and-monsters)-take-centre-stage-in-new-trailer VG247

Back 4 Blood’s colourful cast of characters (and monsters) take centre stage in new trailer

By Sherif Saed 20 May 2021 14:01 GMT Back 4 Blood looks to be giving its heroes a lot of character, and unique abilities.Although it is a four-player co-op game, inspired by Turtle Rock’s earlier work on Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood‘s cast of playable heroes is comprised of double that – eight!Watch on YouTubeThe developer today unveiled a new trailer that introduces us to all eight survivors. Back 4 Blood calls its zombie hunters The Cleaners, who got together to rid the world of the Ridden – the game’s zombies – block by block. The characters are of…

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Left 4 Dead spiritual sequel Back 4 Blood delayed

Alas, we’ll have to wait an extra four months for the new cooperative zombie-smashing shooter from Left 4 Dead creators Turtle Rock Studios. They announced today that Back 4 Blood‘s release is delayed from the June 22nd to October 12th. Making something huge and complicated is tricky during a global pandemic, y’know. But on the bright side, we will get to play some part of Back 4 Blood this summer in an open beta test. Read more

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Left 4 Dead-alike Back 4 Blood shambles into closed alpha

I’m sure we all have our fond memories of playing through Left 4 Dead and its brilliant sequel. But fun as they are, there’s no hiding the pair are getting on a bit, and it’s time enough something stepped in to carry on that co-op carnage*. Fortunately, Turtle Rock’s own Back 4 Blood entered closed alpha today, and while it’s not Left 4 Dead 3 by name, early reports suggest the devs have delivered a rock-solid successor to Bill and the gang’s zombie-smashing classic. (more…)