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Have You Played… Welcome To Elk?

At first glance, Welcome To Elk looks like the bright and breezy cousin of Die Gut Fabrik’s alien soap opera Mutazione. Both feature young women travelling to a new island community for the first time, and while Elk swaps Mutazione’s balmy tropical forests for the frozen hunts of a small Arctic fishing village, each game plays out in a very similar fashion. You spend a lot of time getting to know the locals, and every now and again you’ll play a small, reasonably inconsequential mini-game to advance the story. But beneath Welcome To Elk’s cheery cartoon exterior lies a tale…

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Anecdotal adventure Welcome To Elk is out now

Welcome To Elk recognises we’re probably all overdue a trip. Oh, a change of scenery would be nice, but it’s the people who make the place – the strange, sombre and often surreal stories from folks we’d never otherwise get to meet. While there’s still a global pandemic going on in the real world, developers Triple Topping are taking us on a trip to their storybook island starting today. (more…)