it-won’t-matter-one-bit,-but-the-playstation-showcase-left-me-concerned-about-the-ps5’s-future VG247

It won’t matter one bit, but the PlayStation Showcase left me concerned about the PS5’s future

Spider-Man 2 and a love of the PlayStation brand means this won’t matter to most, but from my point of view, Sony fluffed this big time. I didn’t watch the PlayStation Showcase live for a number of boring reasons (one involves projectile vomiting, if you must know), but I watched it as if live this morning hoping a string of exciting announcements would lift my dreary bones. My bones were not lifted. In fact they spontaneously moved to form the exact pose of the shrug emoji. If this was Sony’s big showcase for PS5 this year – its “E3 moment”…

looks-like-we’re-getting-a-call-of-duty-in-2023-after-all VG247

Looks like we’re getting a Call of Duty in 2023 after all

What started out as a paid expansion for Modern Warfare 2 is now the next game. Activision will not skip out on shipping a premium Call of Duty game in 2023 as originally thought. This is according to a Bloomberg report which states Call of Duty 2023 will be “an extension” of Modern Warfare 2, per sources familiar with the matter. The game will reportedly bring over maps and modes from the current game; however, plans are also subject to change. Warzone 2 New Map – Ashika Island | Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Originally, the plan was to release…

this-black-ops-grenade-launcher-kill-is-a-reminder-of-call-of-duty’s-legacy-of-stylish-trick-shots VG247

This Black Ops grenade launcher kill is a reminder of Call of Duty’s legacy of stylish trick shots

An unbelievable shot brings back fond memories of trick shots long past Remember Call of Duty: Black Ops, the military First Person Shooter released from the clattering cages over at Raven Software and Treyarch all the way back in 2010. For some, it stays a fan-favourite for those with a taste for a touch of retro Call of Duty action, general nostalgia, or the heyday of trick shots with a variety of sniper rifles and of course the trusty grenade launcher. Memories of this golden age of spinning shots and mouse-trap-esque grenade routes across the many maps present in the…

activision-blizzard-shareholders-approve-the-company’s-$69-billion-acquisition-by-microsoft Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Activision Blizzard shareholders approve the company’s $69 billion acquisition by Microsoft

Shareholders in Activision Blizzard approved overwhelmingly to accept Microsoft Corporation’s offer of $68.7 billion (£54.66 billion) to acquire the company at yesterday’s Special Meeting of Stockholders. More than 98% of the shares voted in favour of the buyout offer, Activision Blizzard confirmed in a statement released on their website. The largest payment for a technology company in recorded history, toppling Dell’s acquisition of EMC Data Storage from 2016, it’s now expected the deal will conclude during Microsoft’s fiscal year, which ends on June 30th 2023. Read more

2023-won’t-get-a-new-main-call-of-duty,-report-claims Rock,Paper,Shotgun

2023 won’t get a new main Call Of Duty, report claims

Call Of Duty launching a new sequel every year is a tradition older than the CoD players who tell me they’ve had sex with my mother. But this tradition may break next year, according to an unconfirmed report. Supposedly Activision have delayed next year’s game, leaving 2023 without a shiny new main series game. That doesn’t mean 2023 won’t have any new CoD, mind. Read more

call-of-duty’s-next-three-games-will-still-come-to-playstation-– report VG247

Call of Duty’s next three games will still come to PlayStation – report

Despite Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the next three Call of Duty games are reportedly set to launch on PlayStation platforms Ever since Microsoft announced its intent to acquire Activision Blizzard, one of the burning questions that’s been on everyone’s lips has been related to Call of Duty: will Xbox let it launch on PlayStation consoles? Will Warzone stay multiplatform? Will it stick to a yearly release? We may have some preliminary answers on at least one of those issues now, a week after the initial acquisition press release was shared. A new report from Bloomberg claims Sony and Activision…

microsoft-are-buying-activision-blizzard-for-$69-billion Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Microsoft are buying Activision Blizzard for $69 billion

In the wake of scandal and lawsuits alleging a culture of discrimination and harrassment at Activision Blizzard, Microsoft today announced they’re buying the company. Wait, hang on. What. That’s not what I expected when Xbox head Phil Spencer told staff he was “evaluating all aspects of [Xbox’s] relationship” with Activision Blizzard. Microsoft plan to pay $68.7 billion (£50 billion) for the company, which will nab them games including Warcraft, Call Of Duty, and Overwatch. Jesus. Read more

activsion-ceo-reportedly-knew-about-allegations-against-the-company-for-years;-treyarch-co-head-quits-over-sexual-harassment-report VG247

Activsion CEO reportedly knew about allegations against the company for years; Treyarch co-head quits over sexual harassment report

More accusations against Activision Blizzard have surfaced in a Wall Street Journal report. Activision is once again in the spotlight thanks to a new Wall Street Journal report. In short, Treyarch’s co-head has left the company, a pair of claims have been made against Sledgehammer games, and another accusation has been thrown at Blizzard. Adding to this, the WSJ also reports instances of bad behavior on Bobby Kotick’s part, as well as claims of him seemingly being unconcerned over sexual misconduct allegations made against company superiors. According to the report, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick was apparently aware of the…

call-of-duty:-vanguard-is-out-now,-returning-to-ww2 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Call Of Duty: Vanguard is out now, returning to WW2

Fittingly for Fireworks Night, Call Of Duty: Vanguard launched in the wee hours, bringing a great many big explosions as the first-person shooter series returns to World War 2 once again. Along with yer usual story campaign and multiplayer modes, it has Treyarch’s Zombies too. Though I do suspect the part of Vanguard many want isn’t out yet, and they won’t even pay for: the new Pacific island map coming to CoD: Warzone at a later point. Read more

call-of-duty:-warzone-season-6-turns-verdansk-upside-down,-brings-last-zombies-map-to-black-ops-cold-war VG247

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 turns Verdansk upside down, brings last Zombies map to Black Ops Cold War

Season 6 will send Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone off with a bang. All the remaining details about Season 6 in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have been revealed, and it looks like it’ll be one of the biggest so far. Season 6 begins Thursday, October 7 in both games, and you can expect files to be made available for download earlier in the week as usual. As for what you can expect, there’s a host of new content across Warzone, multiplayer and Zombies. WarzoneBeginning with Warzone, the Verdansk 84 map has…

call-of-duty:-vanguard’s-first-gameplay-trailer-sure-looks-like-call-of-duty Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Call Of Duty: Vanguard’s first gameplay trailer sure looks like Call Of Duty

During Gamescom Opening Night Live, we got our first look at what to expect from Call Of Duty: Vanguard‘s campaign. Last week, Activision confirmed the game would be set in an alternate history World War 2, and the new footage of one of the opening missions follows a sniper stealthing around in Stalingrad. It’s dramatic, cinematic, and it sure looks like a Call Of Duty game set in WW2. Take a peek yourself in the trailer below. Read more

call-of-duty:-vanguard-schedules-multiplayer-reveal-and-open-beta Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Call Of Duty: Vanguard schedules multiplayer reveal and open beta

Call Of Duty: Vanguard is getting ready for its trip back to alt-history WW2 with a quick look into this year’s future. Activision have scheduled an “alpha” for PlayStation players this weekend, followed by an open beta on all platforms next month, in as much as those terms mean anything when they’re scheduled so close together. In any case, they’ll be properly revealing Vanguard’s multiplayer modes on September 7th followed by two weekends of multiplayer beta testing prior to launch in November. Read more

some-black-ops-cold-war-players-receiving-sail-630-nuclear-bug-error-have-had-their-bans-removed VG247

Some Black Ops Cold War players receiving Sail 630 Nuclear Bug error have had their bans removed

By Stephany Nunneley 17 April 2021 15:30 GMT It appears some players weren’t cheating after all.Treyarch has removed bans handed down to some players in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War who received the error code Sail 630 Nuclear Bug.Watch on YouTubeAccording to Charlie Intel, the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug has been around since early April and has been crashing Zombies on PC when playing at high levels.PC players reported receiving the error code after being on a high round (50+) in Zombies. After the error popped up, players found they were permanently banned through numerous messages from…

treyarch-made-black-ops-cold-war-zombies-easter-eggs-accessible-because-less-than-2%-of-players-saw-them VG247

Treyarch made Black Ops Cold War Zombies Easter Eggs accessible because less than 2% of players saw them

There’s a good reason why Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War managed to attract so many new players.Zombies has always been the obscure, niche side of Call of Duty. Of all the different takes on Zombies every new studio tried, it was the original creators of the mode – Treyarch – who actually managed to finally create a wider appeal for it this year.Zombies in Black Ops Cold War brings a number of different twists, most notably the ability to bring in a custom loadout, but no change has been more impactful than streamlining the Easter…

cod-cold-war-outbreak-elites-&-demented-echoes-|-where-to-find-special-zombies VG247

CoD Cold War Outbreak Elites & Demented Echoes | Where to find Special Zombies

Zombies in Call of Duty’s new Outbreak mode are a varied bunch. While the majority of the horde is made up of the common or garden living dead, there are a few special enemy types to be on the look-out for.In addition to the brand-new electrified Tempest zombies, the mode sees an expanded role for another elemental zombie type: the Demented Echoes, who attack with fire.There are also the extra-challenging Special Zombies and Elite Zombies.On this page: How to find and defeat Demented Echoes How to find and defeat Special and Elite Zombies How to find and defeat Demented EchoesDemented…