Transformers: Reactivate

transformers:-reactivate-is-a-new-online-action-game-from-the-developers-of-gears-tactics VG247

Transformers: Reactivate is a new online action game from the developers of Gears Tactics

The Autobots will be doing that thing they do some time in 2023. Do you like robots that disguise themselves as other kinds of machinery? You might be happy to hear about the recent reveal of Transformers: Reactivate. Revealed at The Game Awards earlier this week, Transformers: Reactivate is the latest title coming from Gears Tactics and Brink developer Splash Damage. You remember Brink, right? It had parkour! And guns! Anyway, Transformers: Reactivate is Splash Damage’s latest title, and is apparently an online action game for one to four players, unsurprisingly letting you play as some of the series’ notable…

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Gears Tactics studio Splash Damage are making a Transformers action game

Right, here’s where I have to stay objective and professional. I’ve been a card-carrying Transformers fan since Generation 1, so I’m somewhat confused by the trailer shown at The Game Awards tonight for Gears studio Splash Damage’s upcoming co-op action game Transformers: Reactivate. Yes, theoretically any rather large robot that changes shape counts as a Transformer. Possibly a GoBot, I’m not going to judge anyone on their lifestyle. Just watch the trailer below and tell me what you think, go on. Read more