Toukana Interactive

dorfromantik-will-get-our-much-desired-creative-mode-this-summer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dorfromantik will get our much desired creative mode this summer

Dorfromantik is an entrancing early access building game about placing hexagonal tiles to complete challenges and construct beautiful, pastoral landscapes. Run out of available moves and it’s game over, however, consigning your crafted world to the scrapheap. For now. An update coming this summer will add what I’ve been clamouring for: a creative mode. Read more

cute-townbuilder-dorfromantik-is-out-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cute townbuilder Dorfromantik is out now

Dorfromantik is a delightful-looking strategy puzzle game which lets you plop little hexagonal landscape tiles amongst pretty forests, fields and towns to create a little world. It’s made by German game developers Toukana Interactive, and our hardware queen Katharine just can’t get enough of it. Dorfromantik really does sound like a very relaxing time – even the developer chatting over the trailer below has a nice soothing voice. Read more