tinykin-is-a-pikmin-like-adventure-coming-this-august Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Tinykin is a Pikmin-like adventure coming this August

Tinykin is about an astronaut named Milo returning to earth after a long space voyage. Milo might reasonably fall to his knees and scream “You blew it up, damn you!” when he gets there, because the earth he lands upon has been blown up several times larger than normal – either that or he’s been made much smaller and is now the size of a penny. Milo must then have to navigate the abandoned world with a Pikmin-like army of aliens by his side, ready to solve puzzles. It looks great, and after being announced last year, Tinykin now has…

the-5-best-games-from-the-guerrilla-collective-showcase-2022 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The 5 best games from the Guerrilla Collective showcase 2022

The Guerrilla Games showcase this year had trailers for like, 60 games, or something, and no woman can play 60 games. Who do you think I am, Santa? You think I can slow time to infinity when I need it? So I’ve done you a little roundup of the games that caught my eye this time. There’s some action, some horror and some puzzles. Fun for all the family! Read more

startup-panic-is-a-fun-management-game-about-a-social-media-company,-but-will-it-be-as-bold-as-i’d-like? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Startup Panic is a fun management game about a social media company, but will it be as bold as I’d like?

I often find myself intrigued by games where you have to manage a business – not the slow, thoughtful ones like Strange Horticulture (which I like for a different reason), but the surprisingly deep management ones that are like strategy games except for coffee production instead of war. I am usually catastrophically bad at these games, as I lack the sheer nerve to commit all my assets to something at once, or take out loans to cover a product run, even in a fictional digital setting. Still, I was drawn to Startup Panic like a moth to a flame, and…

tfi-friday:-three-indie-games-to-simulate-the-end-of-all-things Rock,Paper,Shotgun

TFI Friday: three indie games to simulate the end of all things

MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMALS! This time of year can be one that feels particularly apocalyptic, as well as, you know, good will to all I guess. If I have to. The indie games I’ve been playing recently all have a bit of an end-of-the-world flavour to ’em, whether literal or metaphorical or by your own hand, if you feel like it. I dunno, I actually found them strangely relaxing, as a sort of counterpoint to the chaos of my own life during the holiday season. See what you think. Read more

don’t-ignore-this-xbox-game-pass-hidden-gem:-a-3d-platformer-like-nothing-else VG247

Don’t ignore this Xbox Game Pass hidden gem: a 3D platformer like nothing else

If you enjoy a good platformer and are also partial to a bit of Floor is Lava on Netflix (it’s good, honestly), then I’ve got the ideal Game Pass game for you. Imagine the tight 3D movement found in Mario games, but transport yourself into a first-person view, then load the world up with fast-moving trucks that are being driven rather chaotically.Watch on YouTubeThat is the basic premise of the Xbox Game Pass gem ClusterTruck, developed and published by tinyBuild and Landfall Games. You start standing on the top of a truck (the kind used for long-distance haulage, not a…

secret-neighbor-is-coming-to-ps4,-switch,-and-ios VG247

Secret Neighbor is coming to PS4, Switch, and iOS

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 27 March 2021 15:36 GMT Secret Neighbor from tinyBuild has been announced for PlayStation 4 and iOS, and it is also coming to Nintendo Switch.Secret Neighbor will be released for PS4 and iOS on April 29. The Switch version is coming this summer (thanks, Gematsu).The multiplayer social horror game is set in the Hello Neighbor universe and finds a group of kids try to sneak into their creepy Neighbor’s house. Taking place between Act 1 and 2 of the original Hello Neighbor game, six players sneak into the house, trying to get into the locked basement…