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Report: Yes, Twitch Once Had A ‘Do Not Ban’ List

Twitch’s big leak this month included more than just source code and payday info. Details emerged about a “do not ban” list, which sure sounds like the sort of nefarious document that allows certain people to play the same game by different rules. But a new Washington Post report indicates that the list is not quite as bad as you’d think. Also, it’s apparently ancient.

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Twitch Takes Traffic Hit Following Streamer Boycott Over Harassment

Yesterday, thousands of streamers abandoned Twitch for 24 hours in protest of its ongoing facilitation of harassment campaigns known as hate raids. While the Amazon-owned streaming platform has yet to implement proposed changes to the controversial raid system, it’s clear what some previously dismissed as a small movement has had a big impact, potentially costing Twitch roughly 22% of its peak concurrent traffic for the day.