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The Red Lantern’s chill sledding adventure would be better if less stuff happened in it

D’you like dogs? I like dogs. How about five dogs? Hot diggidy daffodil, now we’re talking. In The Red Lantern you’re a musher who has decided to adopt a bunch of sled dogs and take ’em over the Alaskan wilderness to a distant cabin that you’re pretty sure definitely 100% exists. This is, of course, how idiots die. Solo sled across Alaska, they said! It’s easy, they said! But even though I knew this was a roguelite survival adventure going in, I wasn’t expecting there to be quite so much adventuring to it and so little chill sledding with my…

Dog-sledding drama The Red Lantern is out now

Have I mentioned I used to work with sled dogs? While it’s only the most interesting thing I’ve done in the last ten years, I reckon I’ve bored the ears off everyone I know gabbing about it ever since. The Red Lantern, then, is a game for the part of me that’s desperate to pack on fifteen layers and get back into the snow with a band of huskies, riding off into the Alaskan sunset of an Epic Games Store release today. (more…)