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The Rally Point: Timberborn breaks the boring “village vs winter” mould

I think I’m tired of winter. It’s not the cold. It’s not even the lack of anything to do. It’s that when your main threat is starvation and hypothermia, and your only real tool is stockpiling, it often feels like your fate is already sealed come October, and waiting around to see if you survived or not carries the same sense of slow inevitability that the average RTS or 4X game does past the opening act. My first village in Timberborn gave me that feeling. Even though its dry season is the opposite of Winter, the ultimate effect was the…

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Beaver city-builder Timberborn is out in early access now

It feels as if the past couple of years have seen a quiet resurgence of Settlers-style town building games, and often those where you’re prepping to survive a terrible winter. Timberborn looks like it would sit in that genre but with a distinct twist: all the humans are long dead, and your town is instead inhabited by beavers. It’s out in early access now. Read more