The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

the-witcher-3-has-sold-over-50m-copies:-legendary-saga-among-the-best-selling-games-of-all-time VG247

The Witcher 3 has sold over 50M copies: legendary saga among the best-selling games of all time

CD Projekt Red has announced the lastest sales figure for The Wither 3, and it’s a big number. According to the studio, the game has sold over 50 million copies worldwide, making it the ninth best-selling game of all time behind Red Dead Redemption 2. Minecraft is at the top of the list, with over 238 million sold as of the last count. Become Geralt of Rivia, a monster slayer for hire taking on the greatest contract of your life- tracking down the Child of Prophecy. A figure for The Witcher Trilogy was also shared by CDP. According to the…

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Long Covid Mods translate “real-world symptoms” into Elden Ring, Minecraft, and The Witcher 3

A new series of challenge mod packs aim to raise awareness for Long Covid and chronic fatigue symptoms using three perennial favourites: Elden Ring, Minecraft, and The Witcher 3. The initiative is called Long Covid Mode and all three mods make sweeping adjustments to the games, turning “real-world symptoms into in-game effects.” Take a look at some of the examples below: Read more

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The Witcher 3 Next Gen Update: three months on, I’m still not convinced

CDPR is future-proofing its flagship games, but at a cost to today’s players. ^ Stay tuned for our full video appraisal of The Witcher 3’s current state, full of glorious ultrawide footage! The best bit of PC gaming is having the speed and power to be able to whack everything on Ultra and marvel as your rig effortlessly spits out a silky-smooth rendition of whatever game it is, with graphical features activated that would make the latest consoles wave a little white flag and melt into a puddle of liquid convenience. The worst bit is when you can’t whack everything…

the-witcher-3’s-next-gen-update-features-detailed-and-‘unintended’-female-genitalia VG247

The Witcher 3’s next-gen update features detailed and ‘unintended’ female genitalia

No beating around the bush about it. The Witcher 3’s next-gen update brings better graphics and performance to the game. That was expected. But players weren’t expecting, was realistic and detailed female anatomy down south. These new models are being called into question for their level of detail. Some players may question why such intimate details were included in the update, while others may simply enjoy the eye candy. Either way, the inclusion wasn’t intentional on CDPR’s part. Here’s a completely safe for-work trailer showing off The Witcher 3’s next-gen update Per some rather graphic screenshots posted to reddit (view…

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s 4.01 patch improves ray tracing, but tanks non-RT performance

While the patch notes for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s 4.01 update claim it “improves the overall stability and performance of the game”, if you’re not using the recently added ray tracing settings, it might well do the opposite. I gave the patch a whirl to try out its PC-specific changes – namely a new ‘Performance’ setting for RT global illumination and a fix for the broken screen space reflections setting – only to find that non-ray-traced, DirectX 12 performance has been utterly knackered. Again. Read more

the-witcher-3-next-gen-patch-for-pc-in-“final-stages,”-console-version-coming-to-retail VG247

The Witcher 3 next-gen patch for PC in “final stages,” console version coming to retail

For those who like to hold things in their hands. CD Projekt Red is working to bring a patch for the next-gen version of The Witcher 3 to PC as soon as possible. The company is also releasing a physical copy of this version of the game to retail next week. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt — Complete Edition Next-Gen Update Trailer According to the studio’s global community director Marcin Momot, the next-gen patch for PC is “at the final stages,” and it “shouldn’t be long until it comes out.” “We’ll share more info the moment we can,” said Momot….

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Another hotfix for The Witcher 3’s next-gen update should make Geralt more stable

CD Projekt RED have pushed out another hotfix for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s ever-so-slightly borked next-gen update that was released last week. You can expect some extra stability compared to the previous version of the update, something that’ll always be welcome on my PC. Along with Roach’s early Christmas present of some stabilisers, the hotfix also tackles the annoying bug that caused toxicity to be stuck at max level, along with some minor tweaks to photo mode, and unexplained improvements for The Witcher 3’s performance on Steam Deck. Read more

the-witcher-3-next-gen-update-complicates-a-cyberpunk-2077-mystery VG247

The Witcher 3 next-gen update complicates a Cyberpunk 2077 mystery

What the hell does it all mean? A currently unsolved mystery from Cyberpunk 2077 has just gotten more mysterious due to the recent Witcher 3 next-gen update. The next-gen update for The Witcher 3 recently dropped, bringing new life into a now seven year old game. There’s some new stuff to be found too, like a quest that nets you something fans of the Netflix show might be happy to see. But most mysterious of all is the connection to a mystery that originated in Cyberpunk 2077, and one that still hasn’t been figured out two years later. You see,…

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Henry Cavill could be making a Warhammer 40K TV show with Amazon

Amazon are close to signing a deal with Games Workshop to bring Warhammer 40,000 and its grimdark futuristic universe to TV streaming. Hollywood Reporter say that Henry Cavill, recently-dropped Superman and former Geralt Of Rivia, is involved as an executive producer and potential series lead. The rights to Warhammer 40K are reportedly hotly contested among the rival streaming services, with Amazon spending months negotiating the possible deal with Games Workshop. Read more

the-witcher-3-next-gen-upgrade:-should-i-choose-raytracing-or-performance? VG247

The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Upgrade: Should I Choose Raytracing or Performance?

It’s a long-awaited upgrade, but now console players are faced with a stark choice. ^Stay tuned for our video comparison of The Witcher 3’s new raytracing and performance modes. The Witcher 3’s next gen update, or “current gen update” if you’re one of the extremely well-adjusted people who keeps screaming about the PS6 not being announced yet whenever someone says “next gen”, is finally here after what feels like approximately two years since its announcement (it feels like that because it is that). It is, as you rightly suspect, a refinement of something that was already beautiful. We’re talking nips…

cd-projekt-red-lists-witcher-3-mods-that-will-continue-to-work-with-next-gen-update VG247

CD Projekt Red lists Witcher 3 mods that will continue to work with next-gen update

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. CD Projekt Red has provided a list of mods that will work with The Witcher 3 when the next-gen update lands. According to the developer, it checked several of the most popular mods to see if they will work after the update. So far, 71 mods will work, but the studio also notes that while the list may not be 100%, it gives you an idea of what to expect (thanks, PC Gamer). Does The Witcher 3 NEED a next-gen…

the-witcher-3-is-getting-a-next-gen-upgrade,-but-does-it-need-one? VG247

The Witcher 3 is getting a next-gen upgrade, but does it need one?

The original still holds up remarkably well, but there’s always room for improvement. ^Stay tuned after the ads for our summary of CD Projekt RED’s livestream, and our view on why The Witcher 3 deserves a next-gen upgrade. The fabled next-gen upgrade for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was announced all the way back when we first got our hands on the new consoles, so it’s been a long time coming. It’s no surprise that it’s taken this long though, given that the firm found itself embroiled in controversy following the release of Cyberpunk 2077, which arrived in such a…

the-witcher-3’s-free-upcoming-next-gen-update-is-looking-snazzy Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Witcher 3’s free upcoming next gen update is looking snazzy

We just got our first look at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s much-delayed free “next gen” update, by which they mean current gen, and which yep, looks like a looker. Vanilla Witcher 3 still looks gorgeous for a nearly seven year old game, but the upcoming update will add ray-tracing options, ultra+ settings and a suite of other visual and quality of life updates. It’s not out ’til December 14th, but you can peek at it below while the devs natter in the background. Read more

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The Witcher 3 concert celebrating 20 years of CD Projekt kicks off in Italy later this month

Fancy a trip to Italy? If you’re a Witcher fan, it might just be worth looking into. If you consider yourself a massive fan of The Witcher, and fancy yourself a more refined, respectable holiday than wandering around Amsterdam or some other boozy cruise, then a quick trip over to Italy for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Music from the Continent performance might be for you. Taking place at the Lucca Comics and Games festival in Italy, the show will feature a full symphony concert dedicated entirely to CD Projekt Red’s world famous fantasy franchise. Once you’re done, there’s…

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CD Projekt Red are making a new Witcher trilogy, Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, and a brand new IP

In an update for investors, CD Projekt Red today outlined their “long-term product outlook.” It contains some projects we already knew about, such as next year’s Cyberpunk 2077 expansion Phantom Liberty, but also many that we did not. That includes a new trilogy of The Witcher RPGs, a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, and a brand new IP being developed by CD Projekt Red, plus two further games in The Witcher universe being created by third-party studios. Read more