The Slormancer

steam’s-top-new-releases-for-april-has-remasters-and-some-actual-surprises Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam’s top new releases for April has remasters and some actual surprises

The time of the month has come for Steam to roll out their biggo blog post and sale page for top new releases on their store for the prior month. Not every month brings a terribly interesting bunch, but this does have a couple smaller surprises. The remasters you were waiting for nabbed a spot as expected, but there are also spots earned by games you might not have heard of—a retro-future hidden role game, for instance. Read more

hack-and-slash-dungeon-crawler-the-slormancer-launches-in-early-access Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hack and slash dungeon crawler The Slormancer launches in early access

Hack and slash ’em up The Slormancer is a new Diablo-y action RPG that’s just battled its way into early access. It’s got oodles of loot, dungeons to crawl, and plenty of stats to stare at while you ponder how best to defeat the evil warlock from the past. It’s now launched in early access so you can get in on the action now while the developers spend time buffing up their own build for a couple years. Read more