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EWS podcast episode 162: the best literary adaptations in games special

Hey podcast fans. Mum’s away this week, which means the inmates have taken over the asylum once again. The temptation was to play another round of Sweeten The Deal, but instead Nate and I were good little podcast boys and delivered a surprisingly on point discussion of our favourite videogame adaptations of literary works. Well, I say ‘on point’; there’s a fair amount of discussion of new Dune, too, which is what got us thinking about successful book to screen journeys. Sadly, the House Atreides bagpipe band were not available for a rousing rendition of the podcast theme. There’s also…

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EWS podcast episode 145: the best DLC special

This week the Electronic Wireless Show podcast is all about DLCs and expansions. We even briefly flirt with actual journalism by discussing some of the controversy associated with expansions and DLC and the Oblivion Horse Armour incident. There is, however, an extended break in the middle of discussing DLC where we talk about Toby Carveries. Oh, don’t worry if you don’t know what that is: we explain. We also talk about Pirates Of The Caribbean, gravy and Toby Jugs, although sadly Matthew does not have any new treats to discuss this week. But there is an excellent Cavern Of Lies…

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EWS podcast episode 141: the best narrators special

I was going to write this as a whole bit where it was like a narrator describing you reading this post and then listening to the podcast, but I respect you too much to lie to you: it is after lunch on a Thursday and I had a very big sandwich. There is simply no way I could be expected to write that bit. But anyway, this week’s episode of the Electronic Wireless Show podcast is all about our favourite narrators! Read more

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The Electronic Wireless Show Podcast episode 138: the best water in games special

Back once again with a topic that I suspect we may have done before, it’s the Electronic Wireless Show podcast. This week we’re talking about the best water in games, but we also take the time to discuss what we think counts as a sandwich (we are surprisingly on the same page with it). Digressions, apart from the sandwich thing, are surprisingly few, although we make time to talk about what Andrew Ryan would be like if he took a trip to the London Aquarium with Matthew, and there’s a pretty off-topic Cavern of Lies in there too. Read more

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EWS podcast episode 135: the best co-op games

After what’s becoming a chillingly regular meditation on the concept of Matthew extinguishing the lives of astronauts, this week’s podcast waded into some staunch reminiscence about classic co-op games on PC. Indeed, with Alice away this week, the boys were really method-acting the theme: two extraorfinarily buff soldiers, grimacing with war-weary determination against a horde of meandering, half-on-topic anecdotes. Nate got way too excited about his idea for a Dance Dance Revolution mod based on Pacific Rim, Matthew got to show some love for the adorably brutish Gears Of War series, and stern warnings were given on the damage that…

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EWS Podcast episode 134: the best journeys

After being on holiday last week I make a stunning return to The Electronic Wireless Show podcast, just in time to wrangle Matthew and Nate away from excessive egg chat (Nate genuinely mooted today’s episode be eggs: part two). Today’s episode is actually all about our favourite journeys in games. At first we interpreted this literally, talking about favourite progressions from place A to place B. Eventually we do start discussing whether we can also count metaphorical journeys: character arcs, or stories that take us as a player on a journey. Digressions this week are include whether the sand in…