The RPS Advent Calendar 2022

the-final-rps-advent-calendar-2022,-december-24th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The final RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 24th

We’ve reached the very last day of our RPS Advent Calendar for this year! That means that behind this door is our actual Game Of The Year. The GOTYest goat for 2022. Unfortunately, behind the door are also a lot of bats, ghosts, zombies, oh man that looks like a giant praying mantis I think? How on earth are we going to get through all this? Read more

the-rps-advent-calendar-2022,-december-18th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 18th

On the eighteenth day of our Advent Calendar you find yourself curiously, suddenly alone. A fog rolled through town and suddenly everyone has disappeared. Oh, wait, that looks like a bunch of school kids over there, maybe they’ll hel- OH GOD OH NO. Read more

the-rps-advent-calendar-2022,-december-10th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 10th

Religion is the opiate of the masses, I’ve heard tell. Some religions are more cute than others, though. At least, on the face of it they are. I was pretty on board at the start, but I’m not sure about the glowing eyes and sleeping in a tent and eating grass. Plus the leader keeps going into the forest and comes back covered in blood. Read more

the-rps-advent-calendar-2022,-december-4th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 4th

It’s the fourth day of the RPS Advent Calendar and today it’s rainy. But it’s nice rainy – relaxing. There’s a purring cat. You’ve got a brew on, and nothing in particular planned. Maybe you’ll recatalogue your rustling, living inventory. Read more

the-rps-advent-calendar-2022,-december-3rd Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 3rd

Welcome to day three of the RPS Christmas Advent Calendar. Well, I say day. Actually it’s night, but there’s surely nothing to hurt us in this quaint old town. Wait. Did you hear that? Is there… is there something behind us? I swear it sounds like something is following us. I don’t like the sound of that rattling at all. Do you have a map? Oh my god you don’t have a map? Read more

the-rps-advent-calendar-2022,-december-1st Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 1st

The RPS Advent Calendar is upon us, but as we open the first door of our end of year countdown, I get the feeling something terrible is waiting on the other side. I can hear the clanking of metal boots in the distance, accompanied by laser fire and the gurgle of orc laughter rubbed raw by some nasty disease. Dare we enter and embrace the chaos lying within? Read more