The RPS Advent Calendar 2020

the-rps-advent-calendar-2020,-december-24th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 24th

[cms-block] At last we come to the final door of the RPS Advent Calendar. Behind this is our game of the year, and you know what? It’s been a tough journey to get here. We’ve been through several different realms. Many beasts and several family friends have attacked us. Our dad has been weirdly unsupportive about the whole thing. But you know what? It feels like there’s a real boon waiting behind door 24… (more…)

the-rps-advent-calendar-2020,-december-23rd Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 23rd

[cms-block] To open this door, you’re going to need a little electronic fob clicker thing. You’ve not got one to hand, but you can make one easily enough, right? You proceed to do just that, and learn a valuable lesson about the dizzying hidden complexity of technological civilization along the way. By the time you stride out of the continent-spanning purgatory of machines that proved necessary to assemble the fob, it is February. Of 2026. (more…)

the-rps-advent-calendar-2020,-december-13th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 13th

[cms-block]This is a strange old door. It’s upside down, for a start, and it’s got a faint whiff of flamingo meat to it. You’ve got a horrible feeling it might be a metaphor for something. But none of that really matters, because it’s simply a cracking little door, and you want to hear more of the sick double bass riff that’s just audible from within. (more…)

the-rps-advent-calendar-2020,-december-11th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 11th

[cms-block] What’s this? The eleventh door of the RPS Advent Calendar is being held captive by a tiny gnome? Better make him some tasty porridge with the ingredients in your backpack so you can make peace and discover the treasure waiting inside. (more…)

the-rps-advent-calendar-2020,-december-10th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 10th

[cms-block] You can hear sinister whispering through this door of the calendar; skullduggery is afoot. Whoever is back there, you are fairly sure, is arranging for mortal harm to befall you. A believer in doing unto others before they can do unto you, you surge through the door with a dagger in hand, only to find yourself plunging into the breast of your uncle, the nine foot tall devil-worshipper who raised you. He had been praying to Satan, it seems, for your success in the upcoming war against Moravia. (more…)

the-rps-advent-calendar-2020,-december-2nd Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2020, December 2nd

[cms-block] As a year, 2020 felt about 25 years long. Maybe that was because of all the world events, but videogames also had a hand in warping our sense of time. Which of our favourite games lies behind door number two in the advent calendar? Click below to find out. (more…)

the-daring-&-discounted-rps-advent-calendar-2020 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The daring & discounted RPS Advent Calendar 2020

At least the games were good. In a year that’s tested all of us in more ways than one, we’ve still had plenty of great games to play. The RPS Advent Calendar is therefore here to countdown the final days of 2020 with jubilant praise for 24 of our favourite games. (more…)