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pokemon-go-community-day-unleashes-dragon-sized-adventure-on-june-10 VG247

Pokemon Go Community Day unleashes dragon-sized adventure on June 10

Evolve Axew into Fraxure and the rather cool Haxorus next week. Cutie Patootie Axew heads up the next Pokemon Go Community Day, and you can catch oodles of them next weekend on June 10. The Dragon-type Tusk Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a shiny. If you evolve Axew into its first evolution Fraxure into the final form Haxorus during the event or up to five hours afterward, the Pokemon will know the Charged Attack Breaking Swipe. Breaking Swipe will provide 50 power and is guaranteed to lower the opponent’s…

pokemon-home-30.0-is-now-available-with-pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-compatibility VG247

Pokemon Home 3.0.0 is now available with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet compatibility

A Mystery Gift is available for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet first launched back in November of 2022, meaning that eager fans have been waiting a while now for Pokemon Home compatibility to be introduced to the game. Well, Pokemon players can rejoice as the Pokemon Home 3.0.0 update has finally arrived, bringing with it the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet compatibility that many were hoping for. The update was initially scheduled for last week, before being pushed back to this week after the official Pokemon Twitter account explained a mistake had been made. Yet to check…

niantic-refutes-claims-of-dwindling-revenue,-reaffirms-pokemon-go’s-robust-performance VG247

Niantic refutes claims of dwindling revenue, reaffirms Pokemon Go’s robust performance

Company claims a recent report stating otherwise is “inaccurate.” Niantic Labs has denied a report that Pokemon Go revenue is down to its lowest since 2018. Yesterday, reported March revenue for Pokemon Go was down to $42.8 million, compared to $58 million in February. It also reported that April revenue dropped even further to $34.7 million. Season 10: Rising Heroes in Pokemon Go is live through June 1. That figure would make Niantic’s total monthly total the lowest it’s been since February 2018, according to the data gleaned from AppMagic. Niantic has denied the report, called it “inaccurate,” and…

free-to-play-pokemon-tcg-live-will-fully-launch-on-pc-this-june Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Free-to-play Pokémon TCG Live will fully launch on PC this June

The Pokéverse continues to spread onto the PC route this summer with an updated digital version of the trading card game. The free-to-play Pokémon TCG Live is set to leave open beta and launch fully on June 8th at 10am PT/6pm BST, The Pokémon Company have announced. TCG Live will be replacing the older version of the creature-card-collectathon Pokémon TCG Online, which was first released back in 2011. Read more

pokemon-go-remote-raid-pass-changes-are-coming,-and-prices-are-going-up VG247

Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass changes are coming, and prices are going up

The rumors were unfortunately true. Niantic Labs is changing how Remote Raid Passes work in Pokemon Go, and looking over rumblings on the internet, it seems many players are none too happy about it. Starting on April 6, the price of a pack of three Remote Raid Passes will cost you 525 PokeCoins instead of 300 PokeCoins – a 75% price increase. Prices of single Raid Passes are also increasing and soon will run you 195 PokeCoins instead of 100 PokeCoins – a 95% increase. Anyone can be a Hero in Pokemon Go | Season 10 Rising Heroes But Niantic…

pokemon-go-spring-into-spring-event-heralds-the-debut-of-ribombee VG247

Pokemon Go Spring into Spring event heralds the debut of Ribombee

The adorable little Bee Fly Pokemon Cutiefly and its evolution join the game. The next event coming to Pokemon Go is Spring into Spring, and it brings cherry blossoms, flower-adorned Pokemon, and a new entry for your Pokedex. This event will debut the adorable Cutiefly from Pokemon Sun and Moon. The dual-type Bug/Fairy evolves into Ribombee after using 50 candies and is just as cute as its starting form. With the event, you will also find various Pokemon sporting pink cherry blossoms on their heads. These include Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Eevee, and all evolved forms of Eevee. You can obtain…

with-ash’s-story-wrapped-up,-pokemon:-horizons-will-keep-the-anime-rolling VG247

With Ash’s story wrapped up, Pokemon: Horizons will keep the anime rolling

Ash’s time in the Pokemon anime has finally come to an end in Japan, and a trailer for the new series, Pokemon Horizons, sets up the adventures to come. We’ve known for a while now that Ash Ketchum, our beloved protagonist who caught barely any Pokemon, would no longer be the protagonist of the Pokemon anime. The final episode of Pokemon Journeys: The Series (the full title of the last season) has aired in Japan, bringing Ash’s story to a close, and likely a teary eye to many who grew up with the world’s best Pokemon trainer. But there’s a…

a-couple-of-bug-researchers-have-named-a-cockroach-after-a-pokemon VG247

A couple of bug researchers have named a cockroach after a Pokemon

Obviously it’s a bug type. A new cockroach just dropped, and the pair of entomologists that discovered it have named it after a bug-type Pokemon. Pokemon, obviously, are not real. That’s probably a good thing considering the animal rights issues that would be at play, but it would be nice to have a pet Grubbin, they’re just such a funny lil critter. While Pokemon might not be real, that doesn’t mean there aren’t living creatures with Pokemon names, as just recently a newly documented cockroach was named after Pheromosa, a bug-fighting type Pokemon (yes I know it’s technically an Ultra…

detective-pikachu-movie-sequel-takes-a-step-forward-by-hiring-a-director VG247

Detective Pikachu movie sequel takes a step forward by hiring a director

No confirmation on what the film will be about, though. Detective Pikachu 2, the movie, not the game, might finally be on the way, as a director might finally be attached to the project. According to Deadline, Portlandia co-creator Jonathon Krisel is currently in talks to direct the untitled live-action Detective Pikachu sequel from Legendary Entertainment. Deadline also reports that Chris Galletta, writer of The Kings of Summer, is attached to pen the screenplay for the Pokemon film. Very little else is known about the project though, but it’s been a long time in the making, as the first film…

pokemon-trading-card-game-classic-is-a-stroke-of-genius VG247

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic is a stroke of genius

Revisiting the classic Pokemon TCG experience with a premium new set may seem like an odd move, but it’s a very, very canny one. Let’s not mince words. Pokemon is ultimately for children. A lot of us grown-ups love it, yes, but this isn’t one of those game franchises that has sort of ‘grown up’ with its audience while trying to simultaneously appeal to older fans, like Final Fantasy or Zelda. This is a franchise in a perpetual Peter Pan-like state of adolescence. Catch the debut of Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic here. If you know this scene, it’s pure…

over-230-familiar-pokemon-not-present-in-pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-will-be-encountered-in-the-dlc VG247

Over 230 familiar Pokemon not present in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be encountered in the DLC

When Nintendo announced the upcoming expansions for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it confirmed that some familiar Poke friends return – 230 in fact. These Pokemon will appear in Part 1: The Teal Mask and Part 2: The Indigo Disk, none of which have appeared in either game. Nintendo has decided not to provide a list of the returning Pokemon, as it wants you to find out for yourself by playing the game. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero | Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet That figure also includes the Pokemon you can bring to your game via Pokemon Home or…

the-pokemon-concierge-is-a-charming-new-stop-motion-netflix-series VG247

The Pokemon Concierge is a charming new stop-motion Netflix series

It comes from the equally charming studio behind Rilakkuma and Kaoru. The Pokemon Company and Netflix are coming together to develop a stop-motion series, as well as other unannounced projects. At today’s Pokemon Presents, a new series based on the world of Pokemon called The Pokemon Concierge was announced. Being produced by Dwarf Studios, best known for its other Netflix series Rilakkuma and Kaoru, the entire show will be animated in stop motion. A very short teaser was shown off during the presents, showing a little Psyduck waddling along a beach. Not much, but the little it did show looks…

watch-today’s-pokemon-day-pokemon-presents-live-stream-here VG247

Watch today’s Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents live stream here

Here’s how to watch the latest Pokemon news live! The pokemon Day livestream is today, which means there’s going to be a wave of new news related to upcoming pokemon games, products, and other exciting stuff in the immediate future! The show starts in less than an hour! Thankfully, you can watch today’s Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents live stream here. A new exciting update recently hit Pokemon Go! Pokemon Day — Pokemon Presents live stream Pokemon Presents is a dedicated reveal stream of all things pokemon, showing off new projects the team has been working on for the first time….

ash-might-be-leaving-the-pokemon-anime,-but-captain-pikachu-is-joining-it VG247

Ash might be leaving the Pokemon anime, but Captain Pikachu is joining it

In Captain Pikachu we trust. Ash and Pikachu might be leaving the Pokemon anime, but a new sea-faring take on the electric mouse pocket monster is set to join the new main cast. It’s been a long journey, but the Pokemon anime is finally gearing up to say goodbye to everyone’s favourite trainer, Ash Ketchum. Over in Japan, the anime is currently wrapping things up, with Ash galavanting around with his original pair of friends, Brock and Misty, with a number of reunions of old favourites taking place. But with Ash no longer set to be the protagonist of the…

take-an-exclusive-look-at-iron-treads-ex,-a-new-card-in-the-pokemon-scarlet-&-violet-tcg-expansion VG247

Take an exclusive look at Iron Treads EX, a new card in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TCG expansion

Meet Iron Treads EX, a hot new card fresh from the Pokemon TCG’s latest expansion. The endless march of the Pokemon Trading Card game continues on – and we’ve got an exclusive look at one of the newest additions to the trading acrd game, coming as part of the new Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet expansion. Which starter did you choose? Themed off the most recent generational shift in the series, the big news here is an update to the Pokemon EX mechanic that was introduced in the card game several years ago. It used to be that only ‘basic’…