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The Weekspot podcast #055: eye and mighty

So, the main point of discussion on this week’s podcast is the Outer Wilds: Echoes Of The Eye DLC. Talking about it is tricky, because saying pretty much anything about it feels spoiler-y. Christ, I’m trying to be careful writing this blurb in case I say something that I shouldn’t. But, somehow, I think we managed to talk about it, without talking about it. Know what I mean? Read more

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The Weekspot podcast #052: a beautiful mind

Double Fine did it: they made a sequel to Psychonauts that’s great. And different, too. It’s a follow-up with modern day sensibilities that plays much better than the original. Given that it was one of our most anticipated games of the year, it’s fair to say we’re quite pleased. Read more

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The Weekspot podcast #051: joy Parisian

Yes, another Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla DLC has been released. And, again, it’s a tad like the base game. But, not totally, because Ubisoft have remembered to put some sneaking in this one. It still has a pebble-stacking minigame, though. You can’t have it all, I guess. Read more

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The Weekspot podcast #038: Mako and play the whole thing

Do you like Mass Effect?… If you answered, “I, SPACEMAN,” then you probably already own the Legendary Edition and may find the conversation that happens in this week’s Weekspot redundant. If you checked the box that said, “the only renegade I know of is one-time WCW Television Champion, The Renegade, but I’d love to hear some chat on a remaster of a celebrated RPG trilogy,” then I’ve got just the podcast for you. Read more

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The Weekspot podcast #037: All lycan eat

We’ve been doing The Weekspot for the best part of nine months now. In that time, there’s been weeks where either the big releases have dried up, or the news has been lacking a little oomph. But, I think we’ve been able to cobble together a podcast you can enjoy, regardless of the previous seven days in PC video gaming. This week, there was zero cobbling. Read more