The Past Within

time-bending-rusty-lake-co-op-game-the-past-within-creeps-its-way-onto-pc-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Time-bending Rusty Lake co-op game The Past Within creeps its way onto PC today

The next instalment in the mysterious Rusty Lake puzzle series arrives today, and it takes things in a different direction than past games. A time-travelling conundrum that requires one person to play in the past and another in the future, The Past Within is the series’ first co-op puzzler. It’s also the only Rusty Lake game so far to include 3D environments. You can snag a glimpse of the timey-wimey, multidimensional eeriness by watching the trailer below. Read more

creepy-co-op-rusty-lake-adventure-the-past-within-takes-the-series-3d-in-november Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Creepy co-op Rusty Lake adventure The Past Within takes the series 3D in November

Eerie two-person adventure The Past Within is turning the Rusty Lake escape room series into a co-op experience on November 2nd. If you’re easily spooked like me then you’ll need to pester a friend or family member to play along with you, as one person plays in the past while the other plays in the future. Watch the trailer below, and stop checking your shadow. Read more