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blacktail-is-the-kind-of-00s-adventure-throwback-that-i-want-to-see-more Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Blacktail is the kind of 00s adventure throwback that I want to see more

I’ve been playing Blacktail, ostensibly for review, but with all the seasonal nonsense going on I haven’t played enough to give you a big wot I think. It’s worth writing about though, so here I am, doing that. It’s a weirdo little first-person action-adventure game where you play as the 16-year-old Yaga, who has been run into the forest because the local villagers think she’s in league with the witch Baba. If you know any European folklore you may have reason to suspect they’re right. Yaga’s childhood friends have all vanished, along with her sister, and the game sends you…