The Joy Of

the-joy-of-being-op-in-elden-ring Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The joy of being OP in Elden Ring

Look, Elden Ring can be really tough, as all FromSoftware games are, and you will almost certainly get stomped at least a hundred if not hundreds of times during your journey in the Lands Between. However, all this attention on playing up the difficulty, as usually is the case once we get into The Discourse, detracts from the fact that the game can also be hilariously easy. Read more

the-joy-of-going-for-a-swim-in-tomb-raider Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The joy of going for a swim in Tomb Raider

There’s an old chestnut from gaming mythology – you surely know the one – about the movement in Mario’s 3D ventures being perfected by Shigeru Miyamoto at their very start with Super Mario 64. Core Design managed the same thing with the original Tomb Raider back in 1996, too. Nobody really talks about it now, while the Mario story endures. Possibly because Nintendo didn’t make umpteen identikit sequels over the following decade or splash Mario’s stretchy mug on the cover of The Face. Really though, the Italian plumber and English graverobber were equally confident that if all their moves were…

the-joy-of-loving-theseus-from-hades Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The joy of loving Theseus from Hades

Supergiant’s rougelike smash hit Hades has taken the world by storm since coming out of early access in September. Unlike a lot of games, fans seem to be in total agreement on all of the game’s main talking points. For example, we all agree that Meg is hot. We also all agree that Zagreus is hot. That Eurydice is hot. That pretty much everyone is hot. Most also agree that, hot or not, Theseus is the worst. They are all wrong: Theseus is actually the best. (more…)