The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

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Japanese games dominated Steam’s July top sellers

Valve have released their monthly list of Steam best sellers for July, and it’s good news if you’re a fan of Japanese re-releases. The pixel remasters of Final Fantasy I-III all made the list, but so did The Great Ace Attorney Chronciles and Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. New games from Japanese developers did well, too, with both Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin and Samurai Warriors 5 making the list. Read more

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles quietly slides onto my GOTY contender list

Sometimes prequels feel superfluous – but at their best, they feel a masterstroke. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is the latter. Watch on YouTubeAs a fan of the core Ace Attorney series, I’d always sort of written off The Great Ace Attorney. A pair of spin-offs that was previously a Japan-only affair, I found myself inherently less interested in the concept of games disconnected from the main cast and narratives I’d fallen in love with back on DS. It’s because of that I didn’t even cry out too loudly when these releases were never localized. Now they have been, and…

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Great Ace Attorney Chronicles adds a mechanic that sounds like a Sherlock Holmes fanfic

During Capcom’s E3 stream last night, they showed new footage of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which is coming to PC next month. Some of it will be fairly familiar to those of you who’ve dabbled in Ace Attorney, though they did reveal a couple of new gameplay mechanics: Dance Of Deduction and Summation Examination. I can’t get over how that first one sounds like Herlock Sholmes has been spending a bit too much time on AO3. Read more

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles launches on PC in July

People of the games jury, please turn your attention to The Great Ace Attorney games. Previously, these two historical lawyer ’em ups hadn’t launched on PC or in English, both of which they’ll be doing in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. This combo release has been foretold by leaks already, but there are no remaining objections now. It’s official. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles launches on PC on July 27th. Read more

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles rated for PC, PS4 and Switch

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 14 February 2021 10:55 GMT The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has been rated for PS4, Switch, and PC by the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee.Though publisher Capcom hasn’t formally announced the incoming game collectionThough not formally announced, the game – which is thought to collect the 2015’s The Great Ace Attorney and 2017’s The Great Ace Attorney 2, both of which launched on 3DS in Japan only – has previously been referenced in the massive Capcom data breach that happened at the tail-end of 2020 (and that ended up being far worse than the Japanese company…