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Haven review

Haven review A relatable, refreshingly grounded sci fi romance weighed down by repetitive chores. Developer: The Game Bakers Publisher: The Game Bakers Release: December 3rd On: Windows From: Steam, GOG Price: TBA You’re supposed to put the genre in the introduction, but then you’re also supposed to write an introduction in the first place, and not a load of delaying tactics where you bang on about the vagueness of genres and how Haven is a hybrid of at least two of them anyway. You spend most of it skate-gliding around a 3D world, some of it fighting corrupted animals, and…

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Romantic co-op adventure Haven will launch on December 3rd

Opting for something quite different from their boss-battler Furi, The Gamer Bakers are just about ready to take Haven out of the oven. The romantic adventure about a couple who’ve escaped to an unfamiliar planet isn’t without combat though. You can catch a bit of that, and some more hints about the story, in a new trailer that announced its December 3rd release date. (more…)